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If you’ve been coached by me, you may have heard me say, “You’ve gotta go BIG!”

I’ve written several articles on going BIG, created visualizations around this concept, and coached people to play bigger.

But I’ve discovered that BIG translates for some into scary or like there is a whole lot of work involved. Oh my! This is never my intent.

“Going BIG” begins in your mind.

Yes, you choose to want, request, and allow more in your life. It’s not about taking some huge, scary action that makes you want to hurl. It’s not about adding dozens of new action steps to your plate.

For instance, if you think about having more ideal clients in your business, most people would start choosing which actions they need to do more in order to get more clients.

But if you were thinking BIG, you’d take the time to ask yourself…

  • What is the best client(s) I can imagine having?
  • How good can I stand it?
  • How fun could they be to work with?
  • How appreciated do I want to feel by this client?
  • How easy can I imagine it to be to work with a client?
  • Can I imagine them paying double the current price?
  • Can I imagine them doubling their orders?
  • How amazing is the vision I’m imagining?
  • Is this making me smile?

This entire process of allowing yourself to see a bigger vision in your near future all happened in your head before you took any action.

Actions that accompany BIG goals and desires will not be daunting IF you believe that your vision is possible.

You have to be willing to accept BIG dreams as VERY possible. In fact, BIG needs to feel normal, not outrageous or too good to be true.

Going BIG is about allowing MORE. Believing, trusting, and KNOWING that if you had a desire in your mind that you absolutely have the ability to create it.

Going BIG is not scary. All the work is in you practicing thoughts that feel good and realizing that nothing is too good to be true.

Good stuff is normal. Having lots of love, support, and resources are all very normal.

It is not normal to fret, be cautious, or worry yourself into sickness. That’s called resistance.

Once your desires feel normal in your mind, then branch out and take any and all of those fabulous actions you think will increase your fulfillment level. It’s all part of your journey to seeing the manifestation in your reality. The actions should seem not only possible but fun if your head is in the right place.

Here’s a new affirmation: Go BIG… it’s easy and fun!

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