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Many coaches speak about tolerations. It usually comes in the form of an inquiry: What are you tolerating in your life? Another way of saying it is, “What’s not working in your life that you need to handle?”

It’s surprising what you find that you are tolerating when you take inventory of all the things, situations, and people in your life.

Years ago, I was out to lunch with my gal pal, Eva, and noticed her wallet. It was made by one of my favorite brands and I loved it. I told her that I’d been having wallet “issues” for years. I had been tolerating wallet after wallet that didn’t work for me!

I’ve bought expensive wallets and cheaper versions. Long and short wallets. None of them quite right. (Was I the three bears house?!) Paper currency got caught in the wallet zipper. The change fell out. My driver’s license was hidden and had to be taken out anytime someone asked to see my picture ID.

I decided then and there to buy a wallet that was perfect and not settle for anything less!

Sometimes we tolerate something because we don’t want to spend the money.

Maybe your air-conditioning is broken and you’re scared it’ll break the piggy bank to fix it. Now you spend the summer dripping sweat when you work in your office.

Maybe you want to take a program, hire a coach, or buy a new computer, but you resist seeing the dollars leave.

We delay the very things that could bring us joy!

It doesn’t matter if a toleration is big or small, they all impact our level of joy.

When your level of joy is compromised, so is your ability to attract things you desire… like clients and money. If you don’t handle an issue, many times it will get worse and force you to handle it.

I once bought a new printer for my office. It was the all-in-one type. It gave me hassles from the start, but I kept telling myself I just had to get used to it. Plus, I’d spent the big bucks and didn’t want to go buy a new one for several years. Well, it completely shut down on me a few months later and I was forced to buy a new one. I shouldn’t have waited till it broke!

Another way you may tolerate is going without “fun” items. You know, those things you want but don’t need. Many years ago, my brother’s waterski was stolen from our boat. He was heartbroken over losing his special-ordered custom ski. He still had his old ski, so he didn’t rush out to get a new one. Boat insurance doesn’t cover waterski theft, so buying a new ski became a depressing thought for my bro.

Several years later, he sent a text message infused with massive excitement. My brother had just special ordered a new ski. After his first waterski run with the new ski, he said he shouldn’t have waited so long. He deprived himself for several years of a ski that rocked his world.

My brother died at 42 years old… he should’ve bought the damn ski immediately, since like me, skiing was one of his big loves in life.

Have you been putting off doing or buying something because you’ve made up some reason why it’s too hard or not the right time or funds are too low?

You’re resourceful. You know how to get what you want.

I dare you to handle it and make your world a little more enjoyable. Joy begets more joy. Tis the season.

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