Don’t Get Lost in the Noise!

Marketing can feel like a four-letter word, but it’s the way the world will know your business exists. I asked Vrinda Normand to simplify how to create irresistible marketing for those who resist it like the plague. You’ll love her easy approach!

You know that “stuck” feeling you get when you’re trying to create hot titles for your programs, events or services?

Everything you come up with sounds “Blah” or totally overused. It seems like everyone else is doing something similar, so yours has to sound totally different – but you still don’t know how to express your value in a unique way that actually gets a great response.

You’re afraid your message will just get lost in the noise – with millions of competing marketing messages out there.

In my experience crafting my marketing messages for the past 7 years, empowering my clients to find the right words for their own promotions, the single BIGGEST creative block is worrying about competition.

It’s normal, and to some extent healthy, to want to avoid sounding just like everyone else in your same area of business.

You want to avoid “cliché” phrases that come off as cheesy. Of course, you don’t want to outright copy other people’s messaging.

But being too afraid of competition and over-censoring yourself because of it, can seriously hinder your marketing success.

The unhealthy side of focusing on competition causes you to compare yourself to others, constantly. You may hold back from launching a program you’re really passionate about because you see someone you perceive as “bigger than you” doing something similar. And you think they must have the market cornered on that topic.

What also might happen is that you try too hard to find a “unique niche” and end up offering something no one actually wants because it’s too obscure.
And do you know the most common consequence of this fear? You end up getting TOO creative when naming your programs or events.

The BIGGEST and most costly mistake you can make is using words that are too vague, poetic, or academic. In an attempt to be clever, you will most likely end up sacrificing clarity and no one will respond to your marketing message because…they don’t know what you mean!

So don’t let this happen to you.

When it comes to EFFECTIVE marketing that easily attracts your ideal clients, there are 3 magic words to remember:

        1. Simplicity
        2. Clarity
        3. Personality

Simplicity means you need to use short words that are easy to understand. No one has to think about them to figure out what you mean. There’s no rhyming or “cute stuff” they have to decode in order to see if they’re interested in what you’re offering.

Clarity means your message is instantly recognizable to your ideal clients. They quickly know they’re in the right place when they see your title.

Personality refers to the special flair, style or energy YOU add to your marketing that makes it unique. No one serves clients just like you do. Even in your specific area of business where others are solving the same problems for people that you do, no one can compare to your personality. Because your personality is what makes you stand out above the competition – it’s what makes people remember you and connect with you on a deeper level.

Combined with clarity and simplicity, freely expressing your personality through your marketing is the most powerful strategy to get noticed by your ideal clients – even amidst all the noise of a crowded marketplace.

This process was how I came up with the name for my company, Irresistible Online Marketing.

What are my clients looking for? Help with online marketing – super simple and clear. But the “Irresistible” is my special sauce. It represents my personality and the unique feminine energy I bring to marketing that’s very different from most of the masculine-sounding messages in this field.

Irresistible also conjures an enticing image of a result my ideal clients want. They are mostly women who would love to be more irresistible, drawing their ideal clients to them.

And by the way, we do attract some very cool men who are irresistibly drawn to my programs and LOVE the extra attention they get!

So remember, don’t over-censor yourself or let fear of the competition stop from you from freely showcasing your gifts to the world. Use the 3 magic words to guide your creativity and get ready to become a beacon of light with your marketing.

Vrinda Normand honed her word-savvy skills as an investigative journalist, publishing front-page cover stories for over 200,000 readers. Now she helps entrepreneurs attract clients and sales online with irresistible marketing. Vrinda doubled her Irresistible Online Marketing Company 5 years in a row, growing beyond 7-figures. Grab her "Irresistible Title Templates" here.

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