Do you have an innie or an outie?

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I’m not referring to your belly button. <grins>

Do you have an inner or outer approach to your business?

Having an inner approach means that you take great care with checking into your heart before making business decisions.  You feel connected to the outcomes you desire from a soulful place.  You use your gut to make decisions. 

An outer approach is very much about creating agendas, taking action and implementing strategies.  Determination is a given. 

A successful business is truly a dance between the inner and outer approaches to your business.  How do you find the perfect combination of these two worlds?

It’s a riddle that I know you’ve been scratching your head to figure out. 

The BIG question is, “Are you willing to makeover the way you do business so you can glide across the dance floor to profits?”

A business makeover requires inner work.  It’s the place you must start.  Your thoughts create emotions that guide your choices and actions.

Everyone says to keep your emotions out of business.  Ha!  Everyone’s emotions come into play when doing business.  Business isn’t just a numbers game.  You’re a human being, so therefore you have emotions.

Here’s what I’d love for you to do:
Change the way you think; create a plan from new thoughts; and implement some new strategies that support the new plan! Then you’ll be on the way to a really kick bootie business makeover. 

End result: Loving your business, following a simple plan and using both attraction principles and systems to create some darn good income.

Sound like a need for where you’re at in your business?

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