Every day we make dozens if not hundreds of decisions. They can be as simple as what to eat for lunch or as complicated as to where to invest your money.

You can make a decision with minimal thought or go round and round in your head about something that’s not really important to the big picture of your life.

Here’s what’s important: Understand “why” a decision is hard to make. Or what causes you to flip back and forth in agony before making a choice.

Personality style has a huge impact on how you make decisions.

Some personality styles make faster decisions than others… but that doesn’t mean it’s a better process.

Any personality style can have a hard time making a decision, but almost always… every individual knows how they feel about a choice put in front of them.

It feels good, bad, meh, or they need to know more before deciding yay or nay.

But just because you know how you feel about a choice doesn’t mean that you’re not scared to move forward with it.

You may want evidence, proof, permission, and/or approval before feeling that you’re making the right decision.

If you were to simply stop, get present, take a deep breath, and ask your heart for the answer, you’d be clear about what’s in your best interest.

But the most challenging part can be to trust your inner guidance.

In reality, there is no wrong decision. Because no matter what you decide, you can choose something else.

You may discover the choice isn’t exactly what you wanted. Then it’s time to make another choice and embrace it.

If you find yourself regretting a choice, you’ve now made yourself a victim and given away your power.

Here’s why you can never make a bad choice…

Every choice you make brings you more clarity about your preferences and desires in life.

Every choice opens you up to new information.

Each decision guides you to the next decision. Every action you take leads you to the next action. Life is just a series of events and adventures.

There is only one “downside” to decision-making… not making one! I’ve told my coaching clients for years that you will get blisters on your back\side when you sit on the fence too long.

Indecision is the most painful decision of all!

If you decide something feels good (even without researching the pros and cons), it usually means you’re going with your heart and inner guidance.

And that will always have a happy ending… even if at first it’s not clear.

If you question a choice out of lack or fear (like buyer’s remorse), you’re now in the land of your lying mind and limiting beliefs.

And that’s a slippery slope.

Just for fun this week, practice this…

Make decisions that feel good… and if you’re not clear which thing to choose, it’s not the right time to make a decision. Decide to let it go… just for now.

When you’re ready to say yes or no to something that’s important to you… wild horses couldn’t stop you.

Until then, decide it’s fine to focus on something else.

This frees up your energy to make decisions that you’re ready to move on!

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