This February 13 join women all over the world as they step forward to take the Madly in Love with ME™ Challenge and say YES! to be, love and live you most real, wise self for the rest of your life... and say NO! to settling, apologizing, sacrificing, playing small, and participating in any relationship, thought, belief, or activity that doesn't fully 100% honor the beauty, power and sacredness of your soul.

Get your FREE Madly in Love with ME™ Kit at https://madlyinlovewithme.com which includes all you need to know to start or deepen a life-long self-love affair, to throw a fantastic party for you and your friends on 2.13.09, and to join women around the world doing the same thing. Here’s some of what this fabulous Kit includes:

•    Manifesta: a snapshot on what loving YOU really looks and feels like 
•    Day of ME Plan: 4 fresh ideas on how to start your self-love affair
•    ME Must Haves: 8 guidelines for what it takes to keep the love flowing
•    No No’s: 4 destroyers of self-love, and how to stay away from them
•    Vows to Yourself: 10 promises of self-love to make with yourself

The Madly in Love with ME™ movement was started by my colleague Christine Arylo. A former m.b.a marketing executive who had buckets of self-esteem, she learned the hard way that without self-love a woman can never be truly happy or successful. Today she’s dedicated her life to inspiring women and girls to fall madly in love with themselves.

I’ll be saying YES! to falling madly in love with myself this February 13th… I hope you’ll join me!

Get your FREE Madly in Love with ME™ Kit today at https://madlyinlovewithme.com

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