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When it comes to creating profit, mindset always trumps strategy. Yes, even in these changing times.

When you practice cultivating an abundant mindset, your profits will grow… no matter what!

Do you tend to focus on your weaknesses in business? And rather than try to improve those areas, do you just wish that you had more knowledge, more money, more marketing savvy, more resources, more people on your mailing list, and more promotional partners?

Stop! Make that clear-cut decision to focus on solutions for creating more while appreciating what you have now.

Amplify the abundance you already have in your business. Begin to look for positive evidence that you’re on the right track. Lots of evidence has already revealed itself in ways you may have overlooked.

  • What are your strengths?
  • Where have you already had success?
  • What can you see around you in your life that speaks of abundance?
  • Do you have one client or ten? Can you see the abundance of what is here now?
  • What about your ideas?
  • How many people do you know that’d support your business to grow if you asked?

Next, make a list of inspired actions that you could easily take to manifest your revenue goals in the next two weeks. (And I honestly don’t give a crap what’s happening in the world. Remember, you create your own economy!)

  • What practices are you willing to let go of that are driven by scarcity?
  • What do you cling to out of habit?
  • What do you own that is breaking down or worn out?
  • What about your bank accounts? Do you have a business account? Business savings?
  • Are you willing to build your business savings by adding at least $20 (or more) each month?
  • It’s one thing to talk about wanting to make more money, but are you willing to change your game and devote time daily to fully align with your money goals? Would you be willing to give it ten minutes a day if you could double (or even triple) your revenue?

For the next thirty days, commit to writing down at least five pieces of evidence that indicate that you’re going to increase your income. Here’s an example:

  1. Three new people liked my Facebook page
  2. One new opt-in for my free gift
  3. Someone asked about my services today
  4. I sold a CD today
  5. I spent an hour writing my book

Notice that no huge sales were made in the example above, but it directs your focus back to the progress you’re making rather than sulking about not enough money.

Your focus is to amplify the abundance you already have in your business. And trust that more is coming.

Now it’s time to increase your setpoint around abundance.

This is no tame game. You’ll have to release your fear around poverty, nobody buying your stuff, not having enough, being fearful about hiring people, fear about charging what you want, and you’ll have to stop giving away things from a place of lack.

Do you…

  • Give away lots of time because you feel that’s the only way to convince people to say yes to buying?
  • Cut your prices because you’re afraid that people won’t buy otherwise?

I’m not saying it’s bad to give away your time, energy, gifts, bonuses, etc., and I’m not saying that it’s bad to give discounts and make your prices affordable.

It’s the mindset behind those actions that is important.

I have priced my services at times based on fear and other times from abundance. It feels totally different when you are pricing strategically rather than from fear.

I’ve also not given price breaks from both lack and abundance. I was snotty about it when I came from lack… there was no way I was giving away anything. I wanted people to pay for my time. “I deserve to be paid!” I said like a brat. I was protecting my worth rather than feeling at ease with my worth.

Abundance is the absence of fear and resistance. It’s pure love and trust. You feel at ease in the world, in your business. You know your needs will be met and exceeded.

You feel trust about money and customers flowing in.

You trust that the people you hire will serve you well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been burned before.

My bestie always says that there is an ocean of abundance of all that we desire, and we are walking down to the shore with a thimble in our hands thinking that is all we can take.

There is an ocean of abundance for you. It will never run out.

Rather than try to tap into the vein of abundance in every area of your business all at once, I suggest you take one area of your business that you’d like to increase your profit setpoint. Your setpoint is like a thermostat setting. Once it’s at a certain number, it stays there until you shift your stories about making money and practice new habits in your business.

For several years I focused on creating abundance by intentionally giving away information, bonuses, and always overdelivering. And I reaped the rewards because it felt joyful to do it. It felt right. And I had a plan behind it.

Then I had a strong focus on building abundance in my business savings. This is my cushion. Not for retirement, not for bills. I want to see that cushion and feel abundant.

I also created an ongoing list for things that I want to buy for my business. Things that will make me feel happy and will feel abundant. Things like new headshots, professional branding, and improved systems. I began going after these, one thing at a time.

The more I invested in my business, the more it felt like the Universe had my back. The more I trusted that I would manifest more than enough money, the more evidence appeared. Each year my profit increased. Then I made a plan to double my profits using these same practices, and the past two years I’ve doubled my profits! And I’ve had a total blast in the process. My creativity is at an all-time high.

If you feel like you’re scrimping with time, energy, and money, it will make your business feel heavy. There is always a way to get what you want for your business. But until you say yes to investing in your business, it will feel like the things you really want are not accessible.

The resources you need to significantly increase your profits are always right under your nose. Once you make a concrete decision to have what you want, you’ll have access to unlimited solutions, creativity and yes, money! Woo hooo!

Here’s a free template you can use to track your daily evidence:

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