Go after a big and exciting goal or new venture and you’ll find that those who have done it before you always have a story.

I’ve heard horror stories, advice on how to make it easier, and all the rules of what to do and not do.

I’ve been told what to expect based on other people’s experiences. If I research the topic in books or on the internet, there’s no consistent information. Most people do agree, though, that once you’ve reached the end result… it’ll be worth it.

Especially when you’re pregnant for the first time… everyone lines up to tell you how it’ll be.

Have you ever experienced this kind of input on something that was new and exciting to you? Maybe you were starting a new business or career. Or you decided to get married and now everyone who is married (or single!) wants to share his or her unsolicited wisdom.

They all mean well. They think they’re helping. If you’re not solid about your ideal outcome… watch out. You’ll start believing all the input you hear rather than choosing it to unfold in a magnificent way.

I’m going to use my pregnancy as an example of how to play out your success on any topic strictly in a way that serves you best. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had kids, not had kids, you’re female or a male, you’ll get the powerful message from my experience.

People and animals have been birthing children from the beginning of time. Up until recent history, they’d just go to a quiet location and let the event unfold. They may or may not have had a tribe or pack around them. In many cultures, it’s still carried out this way. Unless there are medical complications, birthing is an easy process.

This is how ALL manifestations are supposed to be. The only way it’s hard is when we make it complicated through our thoughts and actions. Stress causes things to go from easy to chaotic, which is not our natural state.

My pregnancy was intentional. I was nearing age forty. There are many limiting thoughts out there about it being harder to get pregnant and more birth defects at this age. Geez! What a setup. That’s like telling a new entrepreneur the odds of their business failing in a certain amount of years. Talk about a buzzkill!

I paid no attention to the doom and gloom and got pregnant within three months (which was perfect because I wanted to be pregnant during summer, as I love being in bare feet, shorts, and a tank top).

I decided that I was going to trust my inner guidance on any lifestyle changes I’d make. I’m pretty active and intended to stay that way. I snow skied, water skied, hiked, ate, and drank whatever felt in alignment with my mood.

Some people gasped at my choices. (Especially when I water skied at 8 months.)

I knew that only good would come from taking in all the information and choosing what felt true for me… without worrying about all possible negative outcomes.

Law of attraction isn’t at play only in certain situations. You’re ALWAYS attracting from your point of focus.

My health professionals supported my choices and were very relaxed and told me to trust myself.

I focused daily on my desired outcome. I attracted the perfect people, books, health care professionals, and classes that backed up my desires. Evidence showed up daily that let me know I was aligned with exactly what I desired.

Both of my pregnancies were so smooth because I followed the rules that felt good to me… even though they were geriatric pregnancies.

Neither of my boys was positioned correctly in the womb, and the first delivery was really intense. The second one was so much easier because I didn’t fight it… my midwife told me I should focus my energy into relaxing instead of yelling and tensing my whole body. (I was bracing myself for it to be as painful as the previous birth.)

She showed me that even in the middle of insane pain, I could create a different experience. Through that experience I learned that you could move yourself in direct direction midstream by choosing a different way to respond.

I didn’t have to have the same experience as my past.

How about you? Have you been letting outside information put you on the defensive? Allowing it to overwhelm you with fear?

Are you so solid about your intended outcome that nothing knocks you off your path?

Do you believe that you’ll be fully supported on any journey you choose to take?

There is a great advantage to anyone who decides to play by his or her own rules and solicits advice from resources that are absolutely in alignment with their intentions. Pretend you have a clean slate in which you can create from. Have it your way, every step of the journey.

Will shit happen that you didn’t expect? Maybe. And if it does, you get to write your happy ending. And against all odds, you can create it.

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