Off the top of your head, what’s the coolest thing you can imagine creating for yourself in the next year?

What would be the most magnificent thing you’d want to experience in the next two years?

Now, identify your top three passions. The stuff you geek out on or obsess over because they make you super happy or fulfilled when you focus on them.

They can exist in your personal or business life.

Now imagine living out each of those passions to their max. Allow your imagination to go to the wildest and most joyful extremes when thinking of these passions. What would that be like?

My greatest passions are family, waterskiing, running an epic business, and traveling.

In 2009 I wrote out what my life would be like if I were living these passions to the hilt.

Here’s what I wrote…

I have a vacation home on a private waterski lake within driving distance from my home. It has several guest rooms for all of my family to stay as long as they desire. I have cars, boats, quads, scooters, and bicycles for all to play. We play, dine, and connect.

I waterski almost every day on my private lake. I have a custom boat with the world’s smallest waterski wake.

I have several pro drivers who tow me perfectly. I also have a coach and can nail a waterski course like a pro. I have a dry suit that keeps me toasty on chilly days and keeps me on the water year-round.

My coaching business keeps me jetting around the globe to be with my perfect clients for private VIP sessions and group retreats with business owners and teams.

I fly first class and my family joins me often to explore the land after my coaching is complete. I take several months off each year to go on extreme adventures with my family, treating them all to dream vacations.

I thought about living out these passions a lot. I created consistent goals to make them a reality.

But here’s what sealed the deal on my 5-Star Life come true… I decided to stop building toward it and just do it. Now.

From the moment I decided to upgrade each big passion, within 30 days each of them happened and became my new normal.

You can’t create 5-star experiences, relationships, or things in your life when you constantly come up with reasons why you can’t have them.

I remember when I saw This Is It, the Michael Jackson movie. I left the theatre inspired about how FULLY he lived his passion.

One of his big focuses was to give the GREATEST CONCERT… EVER. I believe he would’ve done exactly that had he lived to see it through.

Michael is also a great example of a person with some hefty issues (contrast) in his life and yet he still made a huge positive impact on billions of people.

He did everything top-notch and accepted nothing less than the very best he could give. He let his passion drive his creativity and then said YES to every vision.

A 5-Star Life means saying yes to the best version of everything that matters to you.

Find reasons why it’s possible and then say yes… even when you think it’s the craziest decision you’ve ever made.

Then keep saying yes every day. You don’t need years or decades to prepare. (Reality isn’t a good resource for planning dreams.)

5-Star Lives are for living now… not later. And it all starts with a decision to have it now.

You gotta want it and you gotta mean it. Then life will support you to get the best version of what you want… in the most direct route possible.

It’s your job to let it.

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