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Being confused, unclear, overwhelmed, or broke are choices. But who the heck wants to hear that?!

However, the more you confirm that you’re confused, the slower you are to seek out solutions, find resources, and take action. The more you think and say it, the more you become it.

I once asked a business team, “What do you need to step into that will take you to your personal edge? What is something you want to experience more fully at work?”

The answers varied:

  • Confidence
  • Being direct
  • Taking charge of sales calls
  • Making an impact
  • Influencing and managing without nagging
  • Redirecting conversations that are going off track
  • Making friends with paperwork (stop resisting it)
  • Discipline

Next, I coached each team member on their specific desire to be their most powerful self, to step fully into the “beingness” or skill that would bump up their mastery in the business.

The interesting thing was that all of the coaching boiled down to a few simple practices…

  • Be more intentional about the desired outcome before each phone call, conversation, and action.
  • Stop second-guessing their intuition/guidance. Trust their initial hit or choice.
  • Connect to the essence of how each task or responsibility will serve them.
  • Make their structures, processes, and systems user friendly and fun.

One of the team members kept talking about how confused he was and that everything was crazy in his life. He kept saying, “I know confusion is a choice.”

People don’t consciously choose to be confused, unclear, overwhelmed, or broke. It’s their default mode. However, they do need to make a choice to be clear, focused, present, and successful with their desired outcomes.

Every single team member was very clear about what wasn’t working. They knew exactly what they didn’t want.

That, my friend, IS clarity.

What you want is the opposite of what you DON’T want.

Articulating your desired end results in a short and sweet fashion helps you, your team, and the “powers that be” all get behind the cause. It will create concise and perfectly orchestrated action steps without efforting.

You’re never really confused. And you certainly don’t need to be disciplined. Those two words never served anyone. They produce frustration and resistance. Just the opposite of what a successful person needs fueling their fire.

Making a powerful impact and nailing the perfect choices consistently doesn’t come from trying really hard. They come from trusting that what you want and who you are is enough to kick butt. Being true to your desires, values, and behavioral style is highly attractive and impactful.

Manifesting solid results comes with ease when you know that you know that your Inner Business Expert would never, ever, ever steer you wrong.

You don’t have to back up or prove the choices you make. If you knew it felt right for you in the moment, how could it be wrong?!

Are you a little more clear now? Let me know below.

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