Complimentary Webinar with Eva and Me – Fun!

Eva and I have been asking ourselves some challenging questions lately like …
  • What can we teach people at a deeper level about how to manifest faster?
  • What’s our personal edge about manifesting and how can we take it farther?
  • How can we support you in a breakthrough on the very desire you want most?
After a few weeks of digging into our own guidance we created an ALL NEW Webinar to do all of the above … with some powerful sourcing! Fun, Freedom, and Full Control of Your Life: Get what you want, when you want it! Reserve your spot here: Find out exactly what stands between you and your most important money, health and relationship goals and how to manifest anything you desire in this 75-minute webinar. You’ll learn how to…
  • Immediately activate a hugely improved reality in nano seconds (Yep! pretty much instantly)
  • Stand in “command and demand mode” so that it works (If you don't know this technique, you're in for a cool surprise)
  • Get complete relief about your current reality (You've suffered long enough, we'll show you how to stop the pain)
  • Use the power of quantum physics to get instant proof of manifestation (Even if you're not techie, this part is F.U.N.)
We’ve got all new material to share with you that will make attracting what you want more fun and easier than you’ve ever imagined! Join us Thursday, April 25 at 10am PT / 1pm ET for Fun, Freedom, and Full Control of Your Life. Grab your spot here. On the edge, Jeanna, Eva and Theos P.S. You’ll also find out why David Childs says that we changed his life and coached his team to help grow a Landscape Company into a billion dollar national company. It was so much easier than anyone thought and we weren’t talking about marketing strategies! What you still doing down here? Get access to this call here:
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