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If you could tap into the energy of your bestest, high-paying clients and customers, here’s what they’d want you to know…

We’re waiting.

We’ve been waiting to find you since the inception of the product, program, and service that is perfect for us.

Often, we can’t see, feel, or find you and your company because you’ve got a fog of unclarity, confusion, or chaos around you.

You’re often worrying about things that don’t even exist. You’re making a problem where there is none.

You wonder…

Will my marketing land?

Is this the right offer for the right people?

How will clients find me?

Do I have enough experience?

Can I communicate the value of what I offer in a succinct way?

Is my pricing right?

Can my clients afford me?

And on and on it goes.

But here’s the thing… we want you to follow through in a way that excites you.

We want you to trust your intuition.

We want you to follow the inspiration and what feels right and true in your heart.

We want you to roll with it like there was never a doubt in your mind.

We co-create your products, programs, and services with you when you’re excited.

When you trust your choices, your bright light shines into every dark corner of the world.

We will find you. We will show up. We’ll invest because we’ve been waiting.

Price is never our issue.

There’s no issue with us.

If you don’t see enough of us showing up, it’s because you’re not showing up as the expert, giver, lover, and spiritual being that you are.

You’re withholding your true essence in some way.

You also act weird in your marketing.

Shyly in the shadows or…

… loud and super action-oriented because you don’t trust we’ll find you.

You’re totally flatlined… a super toned-down version of yourself.

Or you’re spinning off in so many directions it confuses us.

Simplify your world and just show up in all your true glory.

No fireworks needed to get our attention.

When you’re aligned with your soul’s mission and following the nudges from your Inner Guidance… your vibration resonates with us.

We lock on and find you.

Unleash yourself from all the false worrisome assumptions and have fun.

We’re excited to play with you!

What would free you up to be more of a vibrational match with your bestest clients everrr?

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Does wanting to cut back hours at my "day job" count towards freeing me up to be more of a vibrational match with my bestest clients ever? I currently work OT that I would like to replace with my client based work but in order to do that, I need the clients to replace the hours! I feel like it's a double edged sword.
I love this! Thank you Jeanna ?