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Are you sitting in the nosebleed seats of your niche?

Are you so far from the excitement and action that you feel disconnected from it all… even if you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do to grow your business?

Like you’re all covered up and nobody can SEE you?

There’s only ever one reason this happens.

You’re holding back in some way that doesn’t allow the people who need your product, program, or service to find you! You’re doing everything the same… in the same thinking and bubble that got you to this point… which won’t get you to the deeper, more fulfilling place in your business.

There’s a choice we all have to make in our business at some point… and at many points. (It’s not a one-time thing.)

>> Choice #1: Keep doing what we’ve been doing and keep getting the same results and feeling the same way.

(Not bad or good; it just is.)

>> Choice #2: Stay shy in the background of your industry, continuing to get ready to get ready or being timid about it. You offer the same type of thing, the same type of way over and over… never breaking the mold and following your soul.

(I would definitely make a different choice. This daily choice deflates your confidence, your impact, and is a dream stealer. Plus, it robs your 5-Star Clients of finding your top-notch solutions.)

So basically everyone suffers… including your friends and family because they never get to experience the best version of you… the you who sits in your full-on power and lives in the happy place! The place of undeniable inspiration, generosity, and power.

>> Choice #3: Live into your higher-self’s nudges. Create strategies to launch offers that elevate YOU, your expertise, and your online visibility and allow you to help more people get what they want.

This is THE choice for flow, high vibe, living your soul’s calling, and straight-up expansion in every area of abundance.

For over a decade I delivered insanely good products, programs, and services, but only a TEENY corner of the world knew it. Only handfuls of clients could find me.

It was obvious that more marketing wasn’t the answer. (At least not the way I’d been doing it!)

I had to change my ENTIRE come from. I had to create a system for attracting clients that made me feel generous, grounded, and excited.

That meant breaking out of the box with my current offers and how much money I expected to make from my life’s passion.

I finally chose door #3.

The very next time I launched a program coming from choice #3… it was a 6-figure payday. And planning, launching, and delivering that offer was the MOST fun I EVER had in my business.

It’s a new way of BEING in your business. It’s about tapping into flow, clearly articulating the power of your message and offer. It’s about innovation and generously sharing extreme value with those you want to be your clients.

It’s about attracting clients vs. seeking them out.

It’s uplifting. Life-changing. And a whole new world of awesomeness that is available and attainable for any entrepreneur who decides it’s their time to uplevel and have what they want… without any trade-offs.

Are you choosing door #1, #2, or #3?

Whatever you choose, do it deliberately and without hesitation. Don’t make yourself wrong for staying inside door 1 or 2. But be aware that it’s a choice.

Whatever you expect is what you’ll get… so I encourage you to claim the real dream. Then actively step through that door every single day. And get support from people who believe that door exists.

Ready to choose door #3? This will help make it easy.

What door are you choosing?

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Roger A Revell
I've worked for decades with CEOs. It has been great fun to watch them choose-a-door when making decisions. Good post!