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Business Rx - Transitioning Entrepreneurs from Chaos to Conscious Leaders GÇô 6 Week Teleclass Starts SoonI know that because you're focused on your biz or being the best leader you can be, that you can get caught up in the bizillions of things that need handling. IF… • You’re feeling too busy to take time out during business hours... • Your revenue is topping out with not enough cushion... • You feel like you're the only one that can make this machine work... THEN … You're actually not leveraging and maximizing your energy. There are several things you can shift immediately to make the leap into a more conscious way of doing business and leveraging your intentions. It's truly supposed to be fun and simple - let me show you how. Numerous people have come to me to get coaching on transforming their business or their leadership position so that they feel like they are leveraging their genius, time and intentionality. In other words, they want to be living their FULL potential when it comes to work and they don't know how to correct the issue. Most of them think, "If I could just get more clients...if I could just be better at marketing...if I could just find the perfect person to assist me...if I could just... Look, fabulous people, the answer is not outside yourself.  You need to change the way you are thinking, behaving and reacting.  You will then create a WHOLE new way of being in business that attracts exactly what you need, when you need it. It's time you got your mojo back.  Your magic. Fun. The answer is simple.  Join me in the first time ever, Business Rx 5-part Teleseries for business people like you.  It's a small group of high-octane movers and shakers who will get my personal attention for a coaching intensive that will give you the answers, coaching and strategies you need to consciously lead your business to the flow, fun and revenues you deserve. Get the full details here: ==> This course is an intimate coaching intensive that begins April 21st at 9am PT/12pm ET.  And check this out, for those of you who decide it's time to make the changes necessary to live a juicy business life, I'll be giving you a complimentary ticket to my 2-Day live event on June 18 & 19th! (Value $1997) I'm 100% committed to giving you everything you need to get your game back on and attract the results you've been aching to experience. Winning is the only decision.  Are you ready to win? Game ON! Get the full details here: ==>
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