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When my kids were smaller, my mom and I drove six hours to visit Disneyland. I used the time in the passenger seat to plot out our trip. I opened my iPad and researched show times in the park, how to avoid the ride lines, and which Disneyland apps were the best.

The next morning as we entered the park, I used RideMax software that gave me an itinerary to get on the most rides with the least amount of wait time.

After a few hours, I decided to ditch all apps and itineraries! They were stressing me out!

If I constantly look at a schedule of to do’s, I miss the opportunities and magical moments that can happen when I’m following my inspiration from one attraction to the next.

I made a very deliberate decision to trust that whatever happened, we’d be able to see and do all that we wanted… with no long waits or stress.

I promise I’m bringing this back around to your business.

Here’s what happened at the “happiest place on earth”…

  • While several rides had wait lines up to two hours, we never waited more than 25 minutes on any ride all three days. Mostly we waited 5 minutes.
  • We met every Disney character on the premises without trying. We were either the first in line or the last, and watched as they sadly turned other people away.
  • We scored front-row seats to every show and parade.
  • The fireworks each night were framed perfectly in our hotel window where we could watch with ease and no loud noises to scare the kids.
  • We ate amazing food in every restaurant with no prior reservations.

Our experience was NOT typical.

The parks were insanely crowded, and yet we flowed from one amazing experience to the next. My mom and I kept smiling at each other every time a small miracle occurred.

The more we noticed the synchronicities, the more they came forth.

In your business, you may often find yourself behaving like the masses at Disneyland…

  • You experience long wait periods for your results.
  • You worry about packing all you can into the day and being very attached to experiencing something no matter how much you have to suffer to get it.
  • You don’t expect it to all go your way.

Try this for just one week in your business to create more flow…

1. Create an overall intention for what you want to experience in your week.

2. Use your priority list as a guideline rather than a list you must follow or you’ll feel like an unproductive slacker.

3. Allow yourself to follow your inspiration when it comes to the timing of what you choose to work on.

4. Expect everything to go your way. If it doesn’t, pivot your focus, and something even more incredible will open up to you.

5. Create an evidence log of all the cool synchronicities and successes you experience through the week.

Prove to yourself that profits and joy abound by following the formula above.

Ready, set… FLOW!

What are you expecting this week?

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