Be REALLY Detailed About What's in It for Them


Be Really Detailed About What's In It For ThemYour clients aren’t mind readers. We often, unknowingly, assume everyone intuitively understands the power of our message, strategy, or feedback.

Well, they don’t. You have to be very detailed about why you’re telling them what you’re telling them and why you’re doing what you’re doing. And even more detailed about why they need to partner or work with you.

Once you identify what’s in it for the person you’re talking to, it’s easy for them to see how you or your product can give them even more value.

Let’s take my message, for example. I spend a lot of time teaching business owners how to tap in to their Inner Business Expert. I understand why this is critical for them to know before telling them to get into new strategies, hiring/firing team members, and/or creating new products or services.

They understand that it feels good when they use their own divine intelligence, but they can’t connect the dots to see how this will increase their profits. It has to be driven home in many different ways before they stop their old profit-blocking patterns and start using what they’ve learned about their Inner Business Expert.

You have to show people why what you’re telling them is going to get them their desired result.

I don’t like shots, but if I get poison oak, I’m going straight to the doctor and baring my bum to get relief. My doc has educated me on all of the options, plus I’ve tried my own, and it’s clear that a shot will work faster than anything (including me shifting my energy to allow for healing!).

If the doctor didn’t educate me, I’d be very hesitant to get the shot since I prefer to do things naturally, when possible. His detailed response made it easier for me to choose my solution and trust his guidance.

Let’s say you’re planning on raising your fees on services or upgrading a product. You don’t want to be apologetic.

Position this change with your clients as an amazing service you’re offering for a ridiculously good price, and they’ll pay double what they originally paid… if they’re super clear about what’s in it for them.

But you have to take the time to really think about how every feature the product or service has will create massive joy and results for the end user. Then you have to clearly articulate that.

Give tons of examples, too. This isn’t about selling so much as painting a vivid picture of the end result you know they want.

I still have to be very conscious of this practice when I write for my website. Iknow the power of what I’m offering, but even my repeat customers may not see it if I don’t spell it out clearly.

Clarity means people will follow your directions, take the next step, follow your lead, and buy with confidence and speed. Ka-ching! 

How can you start being more detailed? Share below!



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Jay Platt
Great post, Jeanna! I know that I'm not as clear about that as I should be sometimes. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and giving me some great ways to deal with it.
Hi, Jeanna, great article. Thank You! The inner expert is essential. Once You tap into him/her, You cant help but be clear about what You "realy" want to deliver to customer. And it happens naturaly in alignment with Your core values which is what matters for attraction Your ideal customer, right? So alignment first, then inspired action happens and You cannot miss. I belive the play factor is very useful when contemplating the end result for customer. Support Your creativity and again comes from place of Your own values. p.