Be CLEAR so “Your People” can HEAR!

Since my hand surgery has made typing a challenge (and writing impossible), I asked Amethyst Wyldfyre to share some of her success secrets that she used to become clear, claim her stage and create a multi-six figure Virtual Speaking Business in Under 3 years! Be CLEAR so “Your People” can HEAR!  -By Amethyst Wyldfyre One of the top comments I receive from many of my colleagues most of whom are successful business women is “You are EVERYWHERE” – How did you do that?  How do you get all these speaking engagements? I’ve spoken on close to 400 “Virtual” stages as well as a number of live stages in the last four years and been heard by MILLIONS around the world.  I finally realized after hearing the question for the 1000th time that it was time for me to pass the wisdom along and start to teach about the process of getting your message out that has worked best for me. I have to say that the most effective way I have found to attract opportunities to speak is by being EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAR with my message.   You want to be clear too so that your potential hosts will know if you are a fit for their community and more importantly so that “your people” can HEAR! The CLEARER you are the more attractive you will be – to hosts, prospects, and MONEY! Here are a few quick tips and questions to ponder: 1)     Clarity comes from your connection with your own story – what has happened in the course of your life walk that is a compelling gift to be shared with others? 2)    Clarity arises from awareness of your heart’s desire – when was the last time you checked in with your heart and listened? 3)    Clarity is Divinity – allowing the Divine to speak through you is far more potent and powerful than “making it up in your head” or “copycatting” what someone else is doing that looks successful on the outside  - what is your relationship with your own Divinity? 4)    Clarity is magnetic – the people you are meant to serve are PRAYING for you to show up as your CLEAR CONSCIOUS COURAGEOUS Self.  – Are you hiding and lost in the “Clouds of Confusion”? 5)    Clarity and Money are partners in prosperity – Money LOVES Clarity – Are you generating the revenues with your message that you know you are meant to receive? Want to learn more?   I’m hosting Amethyst on a special exclusive COMPLIMENTARY call happening Thursday, February 20th at 10am pacific / 1pm eastern -  about this very topic. It’s called Prepare to be Heard By Millions! – With a Message that’s Clear So Your People Can Hear!             Grab your spot here!
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