Assume the Best

Assume the BestHave you ever heard news about something that impacts you, then you decide that your life is now going to suck?

What if the news meant everything was going to be better than you expected even though you assumed the news(or no news!) meant something negative?

Some years back I chose to do an elective surgery. I chose the doctor based on a referral and then saw his amazing track record and stellar reputation through the magical resource of the Internet.

When I met the doctor in person, I felt no connection to him. Something wasn’t quite a fit, but I thought, “Jeanna, this is not about being friends with the doctor, it’s about him doing his job and making sure I’m healthy.” So, I made myself feel okay about him. I had a few other pet peeves around this situation, one of them being that he rescheduled my appointment for the pre-op visit moments before my arrival.

Two days before I traveled six hours south for my surgery, his office called, saying he was flying out of town and he’d have another surgeon take his place.

What??!! I had a moment of freak-out, then checked in with myself to see if that was going to be okay with me. I felt a bit scared walking in for surgery before meeting the guy who’d be cutting me open!

I found out that the newly assigned surgeon was more of an expert on my particular procedure. So the switch turned into a blessing when I looked at the news in a different way.

After the surgery I was concerned about some sharp pains I was having. Then I remembered that I’d had similar pains when I had surgery on my broken elbow several years before. I decided that the pain was not a problem but rather my body adjusting to the surgery and healing. I learned later that my assumption was true.

How many times do we assume there is something wrong with our bodies when they do something we’re not used to? What if we assumed all was truly well?

I’m sure you have experienced somebody canceling plans with you and were irritated at first, only to find out later that the change worked out better for you. What about losing an employee only to find that the person who filled their shoes was even better at the job? Or losing a job or lover and finding out that it was one of the best things that could’ve happened?

Yes, hindsight makes a lot of circumstances seem perfect, doesn’t it?

Is something happening in your life right now that seems like it’s not going your way? Maybe it’s the election results. Maybe you have a house on the market and the deal just fell through. Maybe you can’t get a hold of someone you really need to talk to. Maybe you just lost your biggest client.

What if you assumed this was not negative? What if you knew you could attract a better lover, employee, client, buyer, opportunity, or vacation? What if you assumed the current reality was not bad but an opportunity to have an even better outcome?

If you assume the worst is happening to you, you step into a role of victim to circumstance. This role is an immediate power and confidence thief. When you assume the best will happen to you, you are able to manage outcomes and solutions. You keep your head on and your feet grounded. You make smart choices for yourself. You stay in the flow. You go on your merry way.

The results don’t always show up the way you think, so keep your focus on the essence of what you want without attachment to the way it has to unfold.

All is well and getting weller.  What is the best possible outcome you can imagine for something you want very much?  What does it feel like?  What senses can you engage while you enjoy the excitement of manifesting your dream?




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