Ask for the Evidence

Ask For The Evidence

Sometimes it seems the Universe is not hearing your requests. Your powerful self may feel like it’s on vacation because you can’t hear its voice. Loneliness sets in. This sets the stage for all the mischievous, lying, bad news Gremlins to come in talking their smack.

These are the moments you wish there was a superhero you could call to come to the rescue!

The good news is that you do have a superhero at your side at all times. It’s your Inner Magician. Even when you can’t see or hear your Inner Magicians, they’re there. I say “they” because your Inner Magician is more like a team of people.

Your Inner Magician is made up of streams of energy that vibrate at a very high level. Some might see it as angels by your side. You can pick whatever flavor and image conjure up safety, love, magic, hope, beauty, wonder, wisdom and fun to your mind.

The best way to use this Inner Magician for the sticky situations in your life is to make a specific request. Let’s say that you need some extra money and you needed it yesterday. Most likely, asking for more money will feel like a demand. “I need money right now or I can’t pay my rent!” It also sounds fearful, right?

This shows you that your belief about the money coming right now is not very strong.

Just like a magician performing on stage, your Inner Magician does its best when its audience is open to being wowed, dazzled and entertained. Your magician loves to delight you with surprises. There is always a request you can make that will generate great results with your Inner Magician such as, “Show me some evidence, please, that will allow me to get more aligned with what I say I want.” 

After the request is made, allow your Magician to give you your evidence. Your part of the deal is to:

1.    Believe that a form of evidence will appear.
2.    Look for evidence that lets you know your energy is focused in the
       right direction.
3.    Appreciate the evidence, however small or big you judge it to be.

The biggest mistakes people make with their Inner Magician are:

1.    Forgetting they have one (not using it).
2.    Judging or second guessing the answers and/or evidence given.

 ANY evidence or answers you receive from your Inner Magician are cause to get excited, appreciate, and celebrate! All evidence is an indicator of how you are moving closer to what you desire.

As you feel better about your desire, you can ask your Inner Magician (or Inner Business Expert!) to create more specific outcomes.  So tell me what will you ask your Inner Magician/Inner Business Expert to create for you next?  What evidence have you spotted already?



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