Are You Open to the Message?

Are You Open to the Message Change your perspective, change your life. See the world through rose-colored glasses. We are always looking through filters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you focus on is what you get. If you’ve done any personal growth work or listened to motivational speakers, you’ve heard many versions of the statements above. In fact, if you want to continually improve your life experience, there is power in looking at how you perceive the experiences and people around you. Because you and I both have perceptions about how our mates, kids, work, money, body and other people should be, we miss many messages from our internal guidance systems. Sometimes your guidance tells you to focus on a particular project, but your mental mind overrides that message. You instead work on the project that you feel you’re “supposed” to be working on. Or you may get a nudge to pick up the phone and dial a friend, but you tell yourself you’ll do it later. Your body may ask you for food one hour after you ate lunch. Do you listen or blow it off? You feel like taking a break, but you put it off until you complete your tasks for the day. Many times messages come to you about something fun or interesting, but you discount it as something inappropriate for one reason or another. Your inner guidance has no limiting beliefs or ideas about what is wrong or right. Right and wrong judgments come from your perceptions. There is only what feels good and what feels bad. When you are tuned into your inner guidance, you’ll always do what feels best and right for you. You will only attract wonderful things from living in this way. Make it a practice to listen to the messages your guidance is giving you. Do your best to shoo away the justifications about why you can’t follow the guidance. You will be rewarded with a life that flows from one great experience to the next.
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Tony Papajohn
Hi Jeanna! I quite agree that we talk ourselves out of lots of good things. With the rarest of exceptions, the "internal guidance system" speaks wisdom. And will do so more often and about more life issues if we pay attention. This is one reason why some people are very successful at whatever they do. They have learned to listen and then take decisive action while others talk themselves out of good stuff that they might have enjoyed, but which may not have been obvious at the time.