Are You Embracing Your Value?

Since 1998, Eva Gregory has been rocking my world. She is the reason I teach Law of Attraction, didn’t go insane when my brother died last year, and lead my business with fun. She is a master coach (the BEST in my mind) and you need to take her message to heart ... but see for yourself.

Are You Embracing Your Value?

~ By Eva Gregory

You know, if you have something you're passionate about that creates value for your market-

You can create a thriving business doing what you love and making a difference!

It's all in the way you approach it.

Take a look at how you are communicating what you offer-because it's not about sharing the services or information you provide ...

We're already in information overload- that's a commodity today!

Your value is in the results and transformation your clients experience as a result of working with you.

When you shift the way you're looking at yourself, your business and your clients, it will change your business-in a good way!

I'm not kidding!

When you start charging based on the transformation and the results your clients experience instead of trading time for dollars, your business will take off!

You just want to remember, the value you bring to the table is never about the services you provide ...

It is in the transformation of your clients!

It's the results and outcome they experience.

Think about it ...

Lives are being changed as a result of working with you!

Yet most coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs are completely missing the boat when they talk about trading time for dollars with their clients.

The value is always and only in the results, outcome and transformation you provide!

Do you get that?

The value is engaging you for the outcome it will get them!

Your work and your message are not about 'information'.

It's certainly not about the time you put in!

Because when you trade time for dollars, there are only so many hours in the day- for starters.

And anytime you're charging by the hour, no matter how high or low your fee is, it makes the income about you and not the results or the value your clients receive.

When you take the spotlight off yourself and put it on your clients, so they can understand the value of what you have to offer....

Now you've got it!

And they can see it!

So turn around the way you think of yourself and your fees, and put the focus on the results your clients experience.

Start talking about the results folks get when they work with you.

Because that's what you do and that's what's important!

In fact, I’m so adamant about this, I recently released a new report ...

It’s specifically for coaches, healers, holistic practitioners, and enlightened business owners- those I refer to as Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

It’s called “Massive Success for Spiritual Entrepreneurs: How to Build Your Own Joyful, Soul Inspired Business of Purpose, Passion and Prosperity ... and Fill Your Client Base With Ease!”

You can access your copy for free right here.

Plus, you’ll get access to my free video series chock full of valuable information you can apply right away.

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