Are you doing the work?

Are you doing the workYou know that thing in your life or business that is driving you crazy because it’s not changing? Are you frustrated enough to really get down to business with it? Yes, I know you think you’ve tried everything already but you haven’t. If you’d truly done the work needed it would’ve already been on its way to resolving itself and you’d be as happy as a clam. Now when I’ve asked if you had done the work, I didn’t mean “work” as in physical action. I meant the internal work. It’s not even really work, it’s a practice. It’s taking the time each day to practice a different perspective on your topic of angst. If your “thing” is about losing weight, have you stopped the internal complaining about the current state of your body? Have you made peace with how your body feels and looks? Do you trust that you are headed to a slimmer and healthier you? Have you stopped feeling like a failure with money? Have you started considering yourself prosperous rather than broke? If you can’t get over the reality of what is happening right now, you’ll never ever get what you want. If you want a different relationship with a family member, have you truly acknowledged that you can be the one responsible for turning it around? It’s the internal work and shifting on a daily basis that will score you results in any situation, not what you say or do. Get serious about the business of shifting your beliefs. Trust that you will get to the other side of this mountain. Decide that things are already shifting even though you may not see any physical evidence of it. If you have to work on this sixty days in a row, so be it. You can decide that the practice will be easy or a pain in your booty, but it is your choice. You’ve got the power in every moment to get things moving in a favorable way. This type of “work” is more important than any other action item on your list. If you don’t believe me, then keep doing what you’ve been doing and see how it goes.
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