Appreciation for the Future

By Jeanna Gabellini

During the Thanksgiving holiday many people write articles about being thankful.  Gratitude is a great thing.  It makes you feel good while you're focused on it and attracts more good stuff into your life.  But what about appreciating what's coming in your future?

Being appreciative about all the things you desire coming your way is a great tool for manifesting those very things and experiences.  As with all feeling of appreciation, you feel good while doing it.  It's also a sign that you really believe you will manifest those very desires.

It's fun, try it.

I appreciate that I'll be getting pregnant again next May with a girl.
I appreciate the speed at which my business grows.
I appreciate all the perfect participants who will be in my new teleclass with Eva, Channel Surfing.
I appreciate all the good times Steve, Lucky, Eva, Robin and I will have in Maui this February.
I appreciate the peace I experience on a daily basis.
I appreciate my six pack abs and a body that looks hotter than ever!
I appreciate my ability to tune in, tap in and turn on at the drop of a dime!

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