Action can be addictive… and not in a good way.

I’m not against taking lots of action. I love it! I thrive on it when I’m being deliberate and grounded. It feels good.

Taking action is a fundamental piece of growing your business and manifesting anything you want. Taking actions that you enjoy makes the difference between you having health, happiness, and abundance or not!

The kind of action that is addicting is precisely the kind that doesn’t work. It actually becomes a roadblock to the things you desire most.

If you have a desire that you’ve been working on and it’s not manifesting… listen up. When you take action while your brain is overwhelmed, shrouded in doubt about the outcome, or you’re frustrated, you’re simply wasting your time.

If you find yourself pushing through something… STOP! You have to align your thoughts with the outcome first. This is so important!

Note to self: Alignment before action is key!

I have a client who is quite skilled in his profession. Tim’s clients get great results from his services and yet his business was not generating the profits he desired.

He was a hard worker who prided himself on taking the “right” actions. Tim did exactly what the experts advised when it came to optimizing his website. Still, his sales didn’t increase. Why?

Tim had not changed his thoughts during the process. He held a firm belief that he always had to struggle to get results. He could have taken action until he gave himself a heart attack yet not generated more profits.

Tim finally stopped himself long enough to shake off his Gremlins and align his thoughts with success. Then he saw a difference in his income. Many times his clients came with no new actions at all.

Before you start down the path of going after any goal or desire, take the time to get your thoughts and focus dialed in. Don’t make a move until you feel great about your desired end result.

Butterflies in your stomach are okay as long as the passion and belief are in place.

When I began skydiving, it took fifty jumps before the butterflies weren’t present on the plane ride up to 14,000 feet. But I always had my focus on soaring like a playful angel through the sky.

If I had thought my safety was truly in jeopardy, I would not have jumped. I might have attracted a parachute malfunction from that feeling and been too nervous to correct it or had a hard landing that resulted in massive injuries or death.

A quick way to align your energy is to envision yourself in the middle of experiencing your desire. If your desire is to be in a loving relationship, see yourself being held or connecting heart to heart with your mate. It may take more than a few moments or days to get your brain settled into trusting that you’re worthy of your desire.

Be easy on yourself. The time you spend aligning before you take action is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes waiting is the very thing that’s needed to have everything fall easily into place. Or you can force things into place… but I never recommend that method. 😉

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