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By Jeanna Gabellini

You've got to focus on what you want, or your workout or diet won't do much good!

Example: You may do aerobic exercise everyday but you focus on the fact that you are overweight.  You wonder why you can't lose the weight.  Your body is like a genie…whatever you focus on becomes reality.  If you believe the South Beach diet will work for you and you are focused on how good you're going to look in your "skinny" jeans,it's pretty much a done deal that you'll get in those skinny jeans.  But if you have a belief that you need to eat lean in order to stay lean, you'll always have to eat lean in order to maintain your body weight

This is what some people look like they are in great shape, yet eat whatever they want and exercise whenever they want.  They expect their body to look fine no matter what.  They don't have a big emotional charge on getting fat.

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