A Simple 8 Step Process to Build Your Business

Random action in your business rarely leads to profits. You may have this disease without realizing it.

Entrepreneurs learn business-building strategies from many different sources and end up with a big pile of “stuff.” They pick strategies from the pile and begin implementing without a blueprint.

The end result is a flurry of action, a bit of overwhelm, and disappointment from the lack of payoff.

Here’s my simple process for planning for a year of high-octane results in your business. And for a moment, I want you to forget about all of the particles. Particles are all of the individual tools and strategies that you use for marketing and systems.
1. Vision. How does a rockin’ year in your biz look and feel? If you were to live the dream this year, not based on past results, what would you see?
2Create the model. How do you want to work with people? What types of things do you want to offer? What would excite YOU? How often do you want to work?

3. Clarify your ideal peeps. What types of clients and customers do you totally dig? Create a deep connection with the details of this person.

4. Create your menu of offers. Nail down what you want to offer THIS year. Not what you did last year or what you want to do five years from now. What sounds zippy for this year? How will each offer lead to the next offer? Make a clear path for your customers to follow.

5. Create your HELL YES Business Plan. What do you want to manifest or implement in the areas of marketing, systems, team, product/service expansion, and profits? If it’s not a HELL YES, it doesn’t go on the plan. If it’s more than one page, you may want to cut it back. You want inspiration, not overwhelm.

6. Choose your overall marketing strategy. Once you do this, stick to it. This is where most people completely derail. SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, ezines, blogs, free gifts, mailers… oh my! Unless you have a rock star team, you can’t do it all and do it well. Pick a few strategies and do them in excellence. And make sure you’re inspired by the path you choose. If you stiffen and stress when you think about how you market, then you’re better off not wasting your time, energy, and money.

7. Dial in your support system. Who is going to help you manifest your HELL YES Plan? You need employees, consultants, contractors, and mentors that do the job right the first time, inspiring you to expand beyond your past stories and profit levels. You need people who make you feel good, tell you the truth, and contribute rock star ideas.

8. Set up yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily structures and practices to keep you focused. Without this step, the entire foundation crumbles. Inspiration ignites, but focused action keeps the flame burning. Choose processes, strategies, and tools that work with your behavioral style. Check in with your HELL YES Business Plan OFTEN, and choose your daily actions to support it.
While this process may seem obvious to some, most don’t follow it. They skin their knees over and over and wonder why they can’t build their business in a fulfilling way. Even creative types can follow this process because it gives a framework yet lots of room to do in a way that suits individual needs and styles.
Let this 8-step simple process be your outline for success. Joyfully fill in the blanks in a way that has you smiling all the way to the bank. 
Tell me what is your favorite step and why?



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