10 Steps to Win BIG with Wealth

10 Steps To Win Big With WealthOne of my financial goals is to have enough money that my choices in life are based on what I want, not on how much money I have… or don’t have.

Here are the 10 steps I use to win BIG with my wealth creation. These rules can apply to any area of your life. Even if you’re doing great with prosperity, it’s fun to stretch your boundaries and expand. How good can you stand it?

1. Decide to play BIG and then stick to it.

Playing BIG means going for what you really want. You no longer just shoot for something that would be a tiny bit better than where you are now, but you go for your real dream. It’s the difference between a sufficient cash flow that covers your expenses with some left over and a cash flow that supports your “ultimate” lifestyle.

Why would you set a goal that is “OK” when it takes the same amount of focus and effort to go for goals that fulfill your dreams? It’s actually easier to go BIG.

When you let go of your fears, there is no resistance. You let the flow take you down the stream rather than fight to make progress paddling against the current.

Your action steps can be small as long as your outcome is your true desire. Lateral moves just give you more of the same. Make upward moves. Once you make the decision, don’t look back unless it’s to acknowledge how much progress you’ve made.

2. Play to win versus playing not to lose. 

Playing to win is when you only see your desired outcome. You’re proactive. The thought of losing doesn’t enter your mind. Never make an investment that you think might not prosper. If you focus on the possibility of losing, you will play in a much more conservative and fearful way. Your thoughts will be full of worry of what “might” happen, and your choices will be from an emotionally reactive place.

3. Be clear about your desired outcome.

How much money do you want to create? What percentage of your total income will come from your job or business?

4. Decide that your adventure to wealth will be fun and easy.

If it’s not… STOP! We often go for the path that is complicated or full of resistance. Look at which parts are creating struggle or stress. Once you break it down, you may find that you just need to reorganize the way you do it or educate yourself on one component of it.

5. Change the rules of the wealth game you’re playing.

You created the rules of your game, consciously or not. Not digging the game you’re playing? Get help and change the rules. Think outside the box when strategizing. Ask yourself, “What if __________ were possible?”

6. Be intentional with each step.

Know why you’re taking each step and why you’ve timed it this way. I always ask clients when they’ve chosen an action step, “For the sake of what are you doing this?” There should be no random actions or actions done while you’re reacting to something. You are a funnel of focus. If not, your energy is spread out all over the place and it’ll get chaotic. I know some of you think you thrive on chaos, but give peaceful order a whirl.

7. Make choices that align with your values and desired outcome. 
Why would you set a goal, take any action, or be in a partnership with any person or company that wasn’t in alignment with your values or outcome? NEVER settle for anything that doesn’t feel good to you. Either find a way to get your needs met or choose something different. It’s that simple.

8. Take responsibility for ALL of the outcomes and results in your life.

It gives you all of the power to create a fulfilling life when you powerfully take credit for the choices you make… good and bad. Guilt disconnects you from your power… so don’t do it. 
If you’ve lost big in a deal, the stock market, or your business… realize that you were the one who chose to do the deal or hired the person to expedite it. If you’re in a partnership, you either went along with the plan or didn’t speak up. Again, you had a choice.

Choice is power.

9. Let the journey unfold versus forcing it into reality.

Many people try to “push” results into place (myself included). They think they have to control everyone and everything around them in order to “win.” You can only control your thoughts. Focus, at all times, upon your desired outcome. Sometimes glitches will occur and the reality of the current situation feels awful. 

There are a million-plus ways to create a million dollars. Be flexible enough to keep correcting your course and look for the opportunities that arise out of chaos. Don’t get stuck on “one way” of doing things. 
Relax… it’s a much more efficient way of getting things done. My clients know this is true intellectually but have a hard time trusting it. Delegating works really well too. What can you delegate to your partners, consultants, or spirituality?

10. Listen to your heart.

If you look back at any disappointing venture in your life, you’ll find that there was a small voice you heard inside yourself that alerted you. It’s constantly giving you clues. 
It’ll tell you to slow down or change consultants or ask a certain question. How often do you listen and honor your intuition? You need to distinguish between the Gremlin’s voice and your true inner voice. This will take some practice. If a choice doesn’t feel “right,” ask yourself which part of the investment or choice isn’t fitting.

Going BIG doesn’t mean you won’t need help. You’ll probably realize you’ll need more support than ever. It’s much easier this way.

Your perspective is what creates an opportunity… or a roadblock. 
What's your different perspective now?  What will you choose to see differently?



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