#1 Secret Ingredient To Making Videos That Sell

I’m not an expert on doing videos in your biz. In fact, I used to be quite 
scared of it! But now I know the power of shooting videos to create value 
and connection with your future clients.

I invited an expert on the topic,
 Michelle Kopper, to share her secrets to help you generate more buzz with video.

Number One Ingredient to Making Videos That SellExperts abound on how to write great video marketing content, how to shoot, equipment we “need,” etc.… Many also tell us how hard it is, how dangerous it is to do “bad” videos, and 100 things we have to do or else…

But they’re missing a key ingredient.

This secret ingredient has the capacity to help make even the most straightforward, homespun, DIY video a game changer for your business… without all the bells and whistles.

I think this secret ingredient can inspire & empower you, and frankly it’s so simple (tho’ not always easy for some) and ultimately so freeing that it’ll make video a snap… your whole business will transform. It will even change your life.

Here’s a hint from Maya Angelou (in one of my favorite quotes): 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

What Really “Sells”?

Here’s the thing. Most entrepreneurs are passionate about what they’re doing, driven to make a positive impact in a big way, and called by something greater to fulfill their true purpose. They’re visionaries, leaders, change-makers, and creators.

Truth is, if you’re in your element—coaching, creating, speaking, 
teaching—your passion and enthusiasm connects and people FEEL it. 
Your mission, message, or calling takes over and speaks through you.

If you can access your message with your passion while owning your deep wisdom & unique perspective - you are magnetic. When you are in the zone, shining your light bright, accessing your deep inner knowing - firing on all cylinders - people can feel it. And it feels good. They like that. They want more of you.

You’ve felt it before, right? Someone on fire… speaking on stage or moving you to laugh, or you feel the possibility of transformation on video… it lifts you up. Opens a possibility. Lets you expand… 

In another quote from another favorite teacher - Marianne Williamson wrote,“As we let our own light shine we give other people permission to do the same…”  

People hire or buy from people they LIKE, TRUST, & ADMIRE. Because those people make them feel something first: understood, hopeful for a solution to their top-of-mind problem, the possibility of transformation, a connection to something bigger… 

This is important whether we’re introducing ourselves at a networking event, speaking, leading a seminar, or working on video…

It’s just that video has a unique challenge or opportunity.

The camera magnifies everything… it can magnify your confidence & charisma or your self-doubt & “cringe”… and video is one of the most powerful tools we have to make the kind of connection I’m talking about. Far and wide—globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

So about that secret ingredient…

It’s you.

That’s it.


Your Message. Your Enthusiasm. Your Perspective.

Your Poised-Passionate-Presence. 

When you connect like I’m talking about here, feeling your passion for the gift you bring and sharing it without holding yourself back with any lingering layers of insecurity, self-doubt, or “cringe,” your audience will be moved. When you share from that deep, authentic place, articulating their top-of-mind problem and providing high-value solutions, they will consider you an expert & believe you can help them.

Now, I gotta tell you that I’ve talked with a lot of folks who really hate the idea of being on camera. I call it “The Cringe Factor,” and it stops a lot of folks from getting anywhere near a camera and pretty much dreading the selfie stick.

But it IS possible to get over that.


And so freeing.

Learning to own your expertise & enthusiasm, then letting it shine through your message is totally doable regardless of shyness or insecurities. Letting that essence shine through on video is especially powerful for reasons we’ve already covered. It draws your clients into your zone of influence, already wanting the service you provide.

Why? Because they trust you, and you make them feel understood, hopeful for a solution to their problem, and inspired.

When you can show up and send your warmth, wisdom, and expertise thru the lens, you embed the power of your PRESENCE (which is what really “sells” your “brand”) into the video content itself (instead of your Cringe). When you’re focused on helping others, making your contribution, and serving your tribe instead of on the myriad details of technology & marketing content—not to mention trying to do everything “right”—your self-consciousness can slip away, and something greater can speak through you.

Now, I’m not saying technology & copy aren’t important. (You copywriters and SEO experts just settle down out there.)

I AM saying, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re 
saying…” (That’s from Emerson.)

Bringing all of YOU to the show makes all the difference.

And - you can learn how to do it in videos, speaking, or over brunch. It can be developed. It’s a practice.

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

And it could change everything… what if efforting slipped away? Self-doubt, perfectionism, & insecurity weren’t even a faint buzz in the background… and you could just show up, do what you love, and soar? I know you can. 

One of the biggest challenges many people have around making great videos is wondering what to make a video about! What to say and how to say it can seem very overwhelming, so I created this powerful formula to help you quickly create content in a moment of inspiration, anytime and anywhere, to make a high-value video that grows your business and helps you make a great impact.

Click here to download Michelle's  Fast Video Formula so you’ll never wonder what to make a video about again!
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