You're Gonna Love This!

If you’re already connecting to your own Divine Guidance (aka Your Inner Business Expert) then you’ve got the most critical ingredient for your business to producing mega bucks and joy. The second most critical ingredient for success is a well-thought out plan that utilizes the easiest and most fool proof strategies to reach your desired outcomes. Ah ... left brain and right brain unite! This foundation guides every action you take in your business. When you combine your access to infinite intelligence with a plan that lays out the steps for taking powerful and inspired actions … look out! A masterpiece occurs. Things come together in ways you couldn’t have imagined. It’s a beautiful (and profitable!) thing. A VIP Experience to Double Your Profits, Double Your Pleasure and Double Your Impact in the World has been created by me, for you. And you’ll save a boatload with the early bird pricing! Double Your Profits By Going Here Your virtual event will begin with us spending 1.5 days together to work on a transformational HELL YES business plan. PLUS… follow-up support and accountability for a whole year! With my coaching, you’ll …
  • Create a sure-fire, easy-to-execute plan you can hang on your wall, guaranteed to double your profits in 2014.
  • Remove any resistance that could sabotage or slow down the success of your plan.
  • Create a marketing calendar that feels thrilling, spacious and fun (allowing for vacations and down time too).
  • Learn how to make new connections, raise your fees and radically leverage your time.
  • Super-charge the power of the Law of Attraction to get the results you want, faster and easier.
  • Start and finish 2014 with a big, fat smile on your face and lots more money in the bank.
This is the most economical way to get my coaching, strategizing and support to double your income. Are you in? I am! Go here to join me: With love, Jeanna P.S. There is nothing more powerful I could offer you to help you finish off this year in a super profitable way, and prepare for next year to be the most fun, successful, and easiest business year of your life. If you want to take one action to ensure your success for all of 2014 - this is the one to take. Make it happen - go here now.
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