I’ve received many emails over the decades from people saying, “Your program looks amazing, but I can’t afford it.”

When I read these I have great compassion… and at the same time I know that affording something is a choice, not a fact.

Before you come up with a defense about how if the money isn’t there then how can someone afford it, read on.

There are always plenty of wonderful opportunities that will catch your eye. You’ll have many dreams in your lifetime that include helping other people out, new homes, travel, and investing in a project or your business.

You’ll “think” that your ability to say yes or no to something will be reliant on the money you have in your possession or the time you have available.

This is not at all the truth, and it deserves further exploration.

Let’s say that for years you’ve wanted to take a vacation in the Caribbean. A dear friend of yours calls and says she and her mate are going to the Caribbean and would love it if you’d join them.

Your heart soars. It sounds perfect!

Then in ten seconds flat your mind races to your finances and it feels like the bottom has dropped out of your stomach. You want to go so badly, but you feel you can’t afford it.

This is the pivotal moment. You can choose to say no to the vacation and feel disappointed.

But there is another choice. Choose to say yes to the vacation, and line up your beliefs behind that choice. Decide that you will afford it without negative trade-offs.

Decide that you won’t go into debt to pay for this vacation unless that choice feels okay to you. You’ll still be able to pay for your mortgage and everything else you pay for on a monthly basis.

You get to have your cake and eat it, too.

See, once the decision is made to afford something, it will be affordable.

When you think something is not affordable, either you don’t want it enough to make a “yes” decision to have it or you don’t believe that you can have what you want.

If you want to take one of my classes, do it.

Want a new house? Say yes to find a way to have it be doable for you.

Once the decision is made, the solutions will unveil themselves to you. When you say no, it’s a dead-end street. The party is over before it even began.

I can’t tell you the number of stories I have where I personally wanted something but my bank account was shaking its head “no.”

I said yes anyway, with full trust that the solution to easily affording would find me. It always has. This process works with nontangible dreams as well.
I have asked my mate to do something with me and he’ll say no. He is adamant about not doing it.

I relax into what I want and he will volunteer a yes without me having to ask again. There is no begging on my part. I find that when I try to talk him into something, it actually makes him more resistant.

So, what have you said that you can’t afford that you really want?

If you’re waiting for the money to show up before you say yes, you may be waiting a long time. If you say yes, then the money will wiggle its way into your life.

Sometimes you won’t need the amount of money you thought. It will be less.

You can also attract a solution that means no money out of your pocket. It happens so many times when you start living from the story, “I can afford what I choose.”

So, as always, just say YES to what you want and let your life and business be easy.

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Alison Adenis
I LOVE that turnaround "I can afford what I choose". Thanks Jeanna!