Attracting wealth is not just a matter of luck or hard work; it’s a mindset. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions shape your reality, including your financial success. 

What you expect is what you get.

Most people don’t believe they can increase their revenue from zero to one million in one year in their business. So they don’t.

If you expected a record-breaking year of income, you’d plan for it. Every move you made would set you up for that outcome. You wouldn’t worry about failing; you’d be excitedly implementing your plan.

The first time I launched a 6-figure program… I planned for it.

By online launch standards, I had no clue how to launch, but my expectation was to have a 6-figure outcome. And I did.

My constant question to myself during my launch planning and implementation was:

If I’m planning to have a 6-figure outcome, what will I do? 

It changed my focus from anticipating potential failure to winning. I kept bringing my focus back to the epic ending I wanted. I let go of the habit of “playing not to lose.” Instead, I went for the win.

I took more courageous steps, enjoyed the excitement of the plan, and let go of the old familiar ways I used to market. This allowed me to reach record numbers of potential clients… and make a difference.

Here are questions that can help you train for a winning mindset for wealth:

What does the wealthy version of myself want me to know?

If I knew that my desired financial outcome was a done deal, what would I focus on today?

What will I do today if my plan is to create X (amount of money) in x (number of days)?

Why will it be exciting to generate X (amount of money) in x (number of days)?

Am I playing to win (abundance) or playing not to lose (fear-based)?

Generating more money is always a mindset problem and solution. Everything else you do will follow suit.

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