A majority of the humans on this planet bumble along throughout their lives doing things they think are good for them. But most never ask a simple question, “Is this action or behavior getting me the results I most desire?”

It’s no different if you’re a business owner. You get in a groove (or a rut) taking similar actions, implementing similar strategies, and changing little in the way of habits.

When was the last time you evaluated every business practice and system to see if it was giving you maximum results based on your goals?

Some things you can track by metrics. You can pull facts and figures by going into your accounting, shopping cart, and email systems to see who is buying what and where they came from.

But some things aren’t as easy to evaluate.

Many years ago, I had a huge breakthrough in the way I scheduled my time. It changed my routine in a profound way. But I didn’t know I had a problem before someone pointed it out.

I thought the problem was my email system, but my organizer coach said I needed a new schedule.

I doubted her at first, but once we created a totally new business and personal schedule, I heard angels singing from on high!

Here’s a quick checklist of things you can evaluate to see if you need to change a system, practice, or behavior.

Rate each of the below on a scale of 1–5 based on their ability to get you to your goals. A score of 5 means if you keep doing it, you’ll nail your goal.

  • My team members fully understand their position and produce quality and timely results.
  • My team, contractors, vendors, and partners can count on me to be timely with my communication, deadlines, and payments.
  • I know exactly which marketing efforts I use that generate new leads and profits.
  • I am consistent with the marketing strategies that generate results.
  • I love the products and services I offer.
  • My branding and marketing speak clearly to my ideal clients and customers.
  • We have a system that delivers new ideal peeps into our pipeline every day.
  • We have a system for each thing that we do over and over each day, week, and month.
  • I invest in myself, my team, and business to ensure we’re improving our knowledge, mindset, and technologies.
  • Our pricing will support the freedom of time and prosperity I want to experience this year.
  • My daily routine feels spacious, productive, and fulfilling.

If you rated anything less than a 5, it’s time to make changes. Don’t change everything at once. Improve one or two at a time. Do your research and take the time to do it in a way that’ll get results while honoring your mission and values.

Rating stuff is not always fun because you may not always like the results you see.

However, getting things in tip-top shape can most definitely be rockin’ fun!

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