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It’s ironic that I named my business MasterPeace and then ditched peace for self-induced torture in the early years of my business. Yep, there was nothing about my life or business that was easy. Any moment of triumph was immediately replaced with, “What do I have to do next?!”

Isn’t it funny how dreams and goals start with a vision in mind, and often that exciting vision gets lost in execution? What’s even crazier is when you know better and you still wind up in the stress-filled abyss. Argh!

Where’s the PEACE?

(Remember the Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the BEEF?”)

Here’s what I’ve learned about peace in my 22 years as a business coach…

  • If I don’t have peace of mind, then nothing else is fulfilling.
  • It’s a cinch to “attract” clients when I have peace of mind.
  • I get more done when I don’t push to get things done.
  • Inspiration and trust are key factors in marketing and designing products and services.
  • The more I play, the more my business grows.
  • Delegating actions that I don’t do well or don’t have time for give me more peace and profits.
  • Only take what you learn from the “experts” if it fits your business model and core values.
  • Peace is more important than your business.
  • Create your criteria for success from things that feel good.
  • Checking items off your action list doesn’t mean you’re being productive or profitable.
  • Peace needs to be THE first priority of the day… and in each moment.

“Where’s the peace?” is a life-changing inquiry when choosing your focus for the day, your yearly goals, who you interact with professionally and personally, and what items make it on your social calendar.

May PEACE be with and in you. 


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