We each have a different style when it comes to our relationship with money. I’m not talking about your fears or stories about money. Your fears are a whole other box of worms.

When I refer to style, I mean how you would relate to money if you had never been influenced by another person’s style or fears as you moved through life.

Dominant type of people are really driven to make money and use it to please themselves. They like to buy nice cars.

They go after money and success with intense passion. When they set a money goal, they know they’ll get it. Once they get that money, they are reaching for the next goal.

They are generous with money but do not like people to take advantage of them. Competition is fun to them. Dominant styles think it is easy to make money and can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t think this way too. They are willing to take risks and don’t hesitate long when making decisions about investments.

When they desire a certain price on something, they will negotiate down. Watch out, they may not bend. Give them the bottom-line price up front and you’ll save a lot of time and frustration for them and yourself!

Influencing and promoter type of people are excited to make and spend money. If the path to the money is not fun, they will make a right-hand turn.

When they’re in the zone, they’ll magnetize money in very interesting ways… ways that other people would doubt.

They don’t think before they buy. They see something they want and they usually go for it, even if it breaks the bank. They make a plan, but many times they completely forget about it when a bright, shiny object in a store window catches their eye. Details, details, yuck! Have you ever heard of the terms “shop-o-holic and impulsive”?

Steady and supporter type people take their time making decisions. They often let their mate make investment decisions on their behalf if their mate is a different money style.

They’re very consistent with their practices and are not thrilled with big risks… they’d rather be patient and watch their money grow over time.

They’re also not thrilled with big change and may procrastinate.

One thing they don’t hesitate to do is give their money to those in need.

Their purchases are more on the practical side.

Analytical type people are very calculated about what happens with their money. By the time they choose to do something, whether it’s a purchase, creating a business, or making an investment, they have created a very thought-out plan.

If the choice seemed like a risk before they did their research, it is now a safe bet. They’ve checked out all the possible downfalls of their choice and have a back-up plan.

Spontaneous with their money? Not! If they’re making a purchase, it will last them a long time.

Which style feels most like you?

None of these styles is better than another. Each of them does, however, have a shadow side. For instance, an analytical style might get in so much fear about losing their money that they never make a move or go after a dream.

A promoter style might spend every penny they have with no money in savings.

A dominant style may use their money as a manipulative tool.

A steady person may get stuck in a rut and fear change even if it is to their benefit.

It is important to know your natural style and work with it, not against it. It is good to implement some traits from other styles when you see that yours is hindering you.

But always stick to your values, no matter what advice you get or read. Remember that everyone has their own style, and what works for you may not be tolerable for your mate or business partner. This is where blending styles becomes important. Stay compassionate to others’ needs when communicating or taking action with joint money.

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