What's Stopping You from Attracting the Business You Want?

By Jeanna Gabellini

"What's stopping you from having the business you want?" Patsi, from The Blog Squad asked me.  I didn't know how to answer.  My business is doing better than it ever has and I love my clients and teleclass participants.  So, what's my issue?

I know what is possible in terms of profits!  I know what is possible when I leverage my time. My business systems are in place.  My blog could use some attention, though!  I just want more sales.

The only answer I can come up with is that my vibration (beliefs) are lined up with even more money...yet!  If they were, I'd be in the seven digit income range...because it is totally possible with my business.  I wouldn't even have to spend more time working.  It's simply about attracting more customers to what I already have going.  Okay, time to go get aligned!

Psst...have you seen my new daily journal, Speed Dial the Universe, to get yourself aligned?

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