What Are You Making Up About Yourself?

What Are You Making Up About YourselfWe’re all making up stories about what other people’s motives are, what will happen in the future, what the past means and our own capabilities. It’s natural to make things up in our heads. We all do it. The key is in making sure you likethe stories you’re making up.

Are your stories empowering about others, the future, and yourself?

I’m constantly telling my clients and class participants to expect short and sweet emails from me. I tell them that I don’t enjoy typing, I’m slow, and not good at it. That’s not a very good story to be telling!

While it might be partially true, my typing will never improve until I change my story. I’ve decided that my new story is that my typing consistently improves in an effortless way. Now, I do have to give focus to the new story rather than reminding myself several times a day of the old story.

Many people have made up stories about me and my quest for extreme adventures. While I’ve jumped out of planes, flown all over the U.S. in a tiny plane, water and snow skied, rappelled off rocks, zip lined through the jungle, and bungee jumped… I am by no means a daredevil!

Several years ago, my mom wanted to rappel into an underground cave for her birthday. I made up a story that it would be like all the other rappelling I’ve done. Not! I was breathing hard to maintain my composure and get past the fear. I’ve got to constantly talk myself through moments where I’m scared. When I make up a story that I might get injured or die, I focus on a new story… I am safe, I can do this.
What stories do you make up and live, that you aren’t even aware of?
How many times have you told someone what “issues and challenges” you have?

If you consider any area of your life challenging, you start digging in deeper to your "story about it." You collect data that proves it’s true.
Have you ever told yourself that you’re challenged in the wealth department? How about the health department? Don’t forget the relationship arena.

Bah humbug! Don’t rain on your parade with such stories. Practice being deliberate with your intentions in these areas.

Make up stories about finding peace in all areas of your life.

I had a client tell me that his issue has always been spending more money than he earns. He really wanted me to understand how he got this issue. He kept telling me the pain this issue was causing him. I put a stop to the story by explaining that the more he focused on this issue, the longer he would keep perpetuating the circumstances.

He was keeping himself in pain by staying mesmerized by his story. I asked, “What would life be like without this story?”  The response was, “Amazing and scary.”
Sometimes we don’t know who we’d be without our stories. I was getting coached one day by Perenna Fleming (who is a dear heart!) and she told me I overidentified with being a victim. YUCK!  And it was true. I had kept myself in pain, by constantly remembering hurtful stories. I was being my own worst enemy. Torturing myself. Ewwwwwww!

Think about it. The only things that hurt us are the thoughts we think about circumstances in our life. It’s all perception! You can choose painful, neutral or joyful stories.

Every minute on this earth can be pleasure- or pain-filled. I encourage you to practice making up the best possible stories you can conjure up! Watch what starts manifesting in your life as a result. You’ll be committed to writing fairy tales. And then living them. ;-)
What's the first line of YOUR new fairy tale? ;-)



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