Wealth Creation

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Wealth CreationWealth Creation

U.S. President Harry S. Truman had a sign with the inscription, “The
Buck Stops Here”
on his desk. This was meant to indicate that he didn’t
“pass the buck” to anyone else, but accepted personal responsibility for the way
the country was governed.

The buck needs to stop with you when it comes to generating new
. You are the only one who can do something about how much money
you are allowing in to your experience.

I’ve met very few people who don’t have some hang ups about money. It doesn’t
matter if you have four, five, six, seven, eight, or even nine figures in the
bank. You’ve got to be connected to money like you are to your dearest

If your panties get in a wad (aka as “stressed”) when you think about how you
can’t afford things you desire, the amount of debt you have, or how your income
is not pouring in at the level it needs to be, then you are never going to
create the wealth you desire.

While all these things may be true for you, the more you repeat them
in your head or to others, the more you won’t be able to afford things you
, pay off the debt, or increase your income.

If you’ve read my book, Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, you
know the story of me finding myself in wealth crisis. My income was less than
half of what it was in previous years, I had created more debt than ever, and I
was feeling really sorry for myself. For the first time since my early twenties,
I was contemplating getting a job to supplement my income.

I was in dire straights for a year (or more!). The worse it got, the worse it
got. I was buying groceries on my maxed-out credit cards. See, the problem was
not lack of money. It was lack of deliberate focus.

I was reacting to my lack of money with fear and stress. Not only did those
emotions cut me off from attracting new income, but my creative juices had dried
up. I was completely consumed by the reality I had created.
This was my problem.

My situation turned around the minute I decided to do something about
. I decided to get the debt paid off. I had NO IDEA how the heck I
was going to do that based on the poor profits I was currently experiencing. But
that one decision changed my life.

I was inspired to deliberately focus on the wealth in my future. I focused on
paying my debt off and how good it would feel. I did things to empower
myself daily
. It took only nine months to pay off the debt and return
my income to its previous glory.

I know you want to know what specific strategies I used to make this happen.
I had several strategies in place. I teach that stuff in classes and it
would be irresponsible of me to give them to you without first knowing your
, beliefs, and values. But what is even more important to your
wealth creation is making a decision to do something different and quit
wallowing in the reality of your current situation.

Yes, I know it’s overwhelming to have money issues. I hired
a coach during my time of despair even though it created more debt at the time.
I knew I needed help to stay focused on what I wanted, not my problems.
Best investment I ever made.

Make a decision to invest the energy and money. Practice new habits of
thought to create wealth. Get support from a human being who will not
buy into your pity party
. Remember who you are and the gifts you bring
to the world. You already have the resources to make the decision to attract
more wealth and manifest it.



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