To Spend Or Not To Spend

You’ve got your eye on the goal. You are ready to take the leap.

The question that keeps coming up for you is, “Should I spend the money to do this right now or should I wait?” It’s an important question that deserves some thought.

BK (before kids), my mom was excitedly telling me and my mate about a vacation she had planned with my uncle to Angel Falls in Venezuela. My mate got excited about their plans and asked if we could join them.

My immediate reaction was excitement. Then I looked at my schedule and other goals I had intended for the year. I felt like there was a lot on my plate during that time. I had several other vacations planned, which meant spending money.

Here’s what I looked at:

I checked my passion level about the desire. If money and time issues were taken away, would I be questioning spending money on the trip? No!

How did I feel about the other trips I had planned? Not as strongly.

I cancelled a trip to Utah that I wasn’t passionate about, and that inspired action gave me some breathing room.

Was there a reason I had to decide that week about going? No, the trip was scheduled several months in the future. I knew better than to make a decision before I felt ready.

Next, I looked at the best way to pay for this if I were to go. I created an estimate of the total cost for the vacation and checked in with my heart and head about what felt best for me.
I had choices. It could come from new income, savings, or a credit card to be paid off later. I could also use some of my accumulated air miles. I decided a combination of the choices would work best. I still didn’t move forward until it felt right for me.

Unless you feel a strong pull to move forward on a purchase, do not do it.

You need to feel good before, during, and after the purchase. If you are tapped into both your gut and cash flow strategies, you’ll always make a solid decision.

I recently had someone ask me if they should buy a house with a mortgage payment bigger than they were comfortable with. If you are worried every month about having enough cash flow, this will generally lead nowhere positive. I am not saying do not spend money unless you have it in the bank. This is a very personal choice based on your comfort level.

When making a decision to spend extra dollars in your business, in addition to the guidelines above, you must look at what the investment will give you.

My vacation was going to give me quality time with my family, honor my value of adventure, and give me some down time before writing my book with Jack Canfield.

When you’re evaluating spending money for a new desire in your business, it is crucial to weigh the following:

  • Will this allow me to generate more profit, even if it’s sometime down the road?
  • Will this allow my business to operate more efficiently?
  • Is this expense the best way for me to get my desired end result, right now?
  • Will this investment keep me pointed toward my big goals, or is this a tangent?
  • Ask yourself, “Is my choice based on fear or fact?”

If you say no to spending money now, be happy with that choice. Saying no now doesn’t mean that you won’t ever move forward with the desire. It means you will do it when the choice feels perfect for you.

Your heart will tell you. Just make sure fear and lack aren’t making your decisions.

I’ve never regretted any big investment in my personal life or business. Money always aligns itself behind powerful choices.



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