It’s easy to tell someone about your product or service when they casually ask. But the most well-spoken people fumble when it comes time to ask for the sale. It’s almost universally an internal, “Ewwwwww.” Then, after the fact, you think of all the cooler things you could’ve said.

Unless you LOVE sales, asking for the business can be awkward.

Let me take away your discomfort. We can also take away all the word-for-word responses to your potential customer’s objections. And for Pete’s sake, stop going in for the kill in your written marketing.

It’s all about truth. Your truth. And what you see is true for your potential customers.

Here’s the best way to make the sale with grace.

You must always be looking through the lens of your customer’s eyes.

They are looking for your product or service because of WHAT pain, desire or problem?

What’s their next logical step?

  • What would prevent them from saying YES?
  • What would make it easy for them to say YES?

Keep those answers in mind when you speak to them, verbally or when marketing. And guide them, like they were your friend, to the solution.

For example, when I have a conversation on the phone with someone who needs my services, I ask them several questions to zero in on the “real” problem or desire. That way I can cut through all their B.S. when I’m coaching them to the next step.

I ask myself, are they the right fit for my company? If yes, I think about which services would help them short-term and long-term. Then I offer them up and tell them why I think each would serve them. I ask them if they have questions or concerns.

I am absolutely not attached to their answer, no matter how much I need the money.

I stay in service mode. In service of them. I want them to get their ideal solution, even if that means referring them to something outside of my company.

Connect to your heart. This makes it easy to say what you truly feel is their next step in the solution process.

Some people can’t deal with long-term solutions because they’re so focused on getting a cheap quick-fix now. Others just want the pain to go away ASAP and they just grab for anything immediate so they can move on. They don’t give a rip about the future, they only see their now. I then give them my spiel about how making a choice based on a quick fix will end up costing them more energy, time, and money.

It’s true.

If you feel this person isn’t your ideal client, or you know they’ll return the product, tell them they would be better served by doing A, B or C. Don’t offer them your services if you don’t really feel juiced about it.

When you’re writing copy for your webpage or marketing, act like you are writing to ONE person. A person that you love engaging with and who has everything you want in a customer. Act like they came to you for the exact issue or dream that you love solving or creating.

You don’t have to ‘pitch” or try hard to get the sale. You are still guiding them to their next step. You’ll throw in some education, too. People who are not educated make poor buying decisions.

Get inside your ideal customer’s head.
Listen for the real problem or desire.
Guide them to the next step.
Make saying YES easy, comfortable and exciting!

Whether you thank them in person, by phone, email auto responder or thank you page on your website…you want them to feel like they just made the best choice ever! And they did if you followed the steps above.

Never use someone else’s script for selling if it doesn’t feel like a fuzzy slipper. If you feel desperate, like you’re pushing or scared to hear no….you won’t attract much.

Law of Attraction brings people into your sales funnel when you are super excited about your offerings, you feel good talking about them, dig your pricing, and only focus on working with your ideal peeps.



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