The ONE Next Step

The ONE Next StepIf you’d like to get a big, juicy project moving forward and have a great time doing it, today is your lucky day.

Your first step is to bring to mind that project that sits incomplete but nags the corners of your mind daily. Or maybe it’s the project you know you should begin but it feels too hard, too big or thatyou’re not big enough for it.

In order to have this article mean more than a nice five-minute break from work, it’s better if you play with this process I’m about to take you through.Think of a project that you feel emotionally connected with (doesn’t matter if you feel positive or negative about it).

Got something in mind?

Now clarify the emotions attached to this project.

As an example, I’ve been working on my video scripts for my next program launch. I notice that I’m a little nervous about getting them “right” (teaching the viewers a perspective they’ve never thought of before and pre-paving the way to have them become a client).

What’s the best outcome you can imagine for this project?

Think about your project being done. Imagine that everything went smoothly. The outcome exceeded your expectations and it came together so much easier than you imagined.

What emotions would you feel if you knew it was a done deal?

Stay locked onto those feelings for the rest of this process.

What’s the very first step you’d need to take to knock the project out of the ballpark?

Notice I said just one step. Often when I ask entrepreneurs to clarify their next step, they usually tell me something that has 100 steps like, “Redo my website.” So make sure you choose just ONE step that would get the ball rolling on the website makeover. It might be calling a colleague to get a referral. Or blocking out one hour to write the copy.

All it takes is one baby step to get the momentum moving.

Are you willing to take that one step today?

Here’s the beauty of taking just one action step for the thing you’re most resisting:

  • It creates momentum.   
  • It releases some of the resistance you may feel.
  • It creates the opening for the next step to appear.
  • Your Inner Business expert will kick in with solutions and creativity in abundance.

Wouldn’t it feel good to feel like you’re in charge of your project rather than it feeling out of your control or dreadful?

So in the comments below, tell me . .  what's your next ONE step going to be?  

#GoForIt :-)



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