You start a business because it’s a way to make money, have more freedom, and share your genius with the world. But owning a business is not a guarantee to make the big bucks.

I blame it all on emotional triggers that cause fear. Fear throws you into fight-or-flight mode… which creates poor decision-making.

But what if profit creation could be turned into a fun game?

Even if you don’t like board games, card games, video games, or charades, there are an abundance of games to choose from that could be fun and lead to a massive increase to your bottom line.

There was a time when my profits plummeted because I was going through a rough relationship breakup.

I was flat broke for over a year before I decided to play a game to annihilate my debt. Nothing else had worked and I was ready to change my attitude. I made a spreadsheet of my debt and monthly expenses.

Next, I focused on paying more than the minimum each month on at least one bill. There were some other rules I made to keep the structure exciting, based on my personality.

The game worked!

I stuck with it because it felt empowering and fun! Yes, fun!

Nine months later I was debt-free. The game produced real-world results while transforming my emotional relationship with debt.

I also created games for myself to increase my savings accounts.

Again, I designed the game to win, knowing what works with my values and behavior style. I used advice from a longtime friend and financial advisor to know how much and where to invest my money.

I pumped up my savings at the fastest rate I’d ever experienced because the game held my focus.

Games that improve your relationship to wealth cause you to be committed in a way that inspires, rather than putting constraining structures around you that begin to feel like punishment.

One game does not fit all. Your game must be designed to fully support your desired end results, values, and personality style.

And the game must keep your money gremlins afar.

Here’s how you start:

  1. Paint the picture of what it looks like when you win.
  2. Choose a start and end date to the game.
  3. Create rules that inspire you to stick with it.
  4. Choose an accountability partner if that will give you strength.
  5. Structure the game so you’ll be able to see and acknowledge every tiny bit of progress.
  6. Be willing to stick with the game for the sake of something grander in your life.

Here are some game objectives that you could use to create a game to increase your income, joy, and freedom.

  1. Pay off debt.
  2. Increase monthly or yearly profits.
  3. Increase profits for a specific product or service.
  4. Work less, while maintaining your profits or even increasing them.
  5. Increase your number of ideal clients and customers.
  6. Raise your prices. (I used a game to successfully more than double my coaching fees in one month!)
  7. Increase productivity with your team.

Remember, if the game isn’t fun, you need to create new rules or a new game. Make sure your desired outcome is juicy and inspired or no game will yield results.

In this kind of game there are no losers. This is a journey of personal transformation where you make steady progress and win by making shifts in your inner and outer game.

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