The Money Game

The Money GameMake money your bestest friend this year and it will always have your back.

And friends like to have fun together, right?

So here’s a money game to get the party started.

Here’s why making it a game can positively change your relationship with money:
  • When it becomes fun, you will nail your goals faster
  • You’ll become clear on your desired outcomes
  • You can release internal rules that sabotage your relationships
  • It enables you to acknowledge your progress each step of the way
  • You’ll gain confidence in your power to create and strategize with money
  • It allows you to feel abundance in all areas of your life, leading to peace, flow, and a deeply satisfying life

The object of the game is fun. Fun is your entire purpose here on the planet. Could you use a little more of it?

What would you like to be the outcome of all this newfound fun you’ll be having with money? Here are some examples:
  • Attracting six figures in a year
  • Attracting seven figures in a year from your business
  • Five figures a month
  • Six figures in savings
  • $1000 a day of new income
  • Down payment for a house
  • Eliminating all debt
  • Opening a new business
  • 10 new clients
  • Dream vacation
  • Double house payments
  • Paying for major home improvement
  • Paying for college (for yourself or children)
  • Investing in a coach or coaching program
  • Buying new computer or other business tool

The most important part of choosing your desired outcome for your money game is that it has to be something you are hot and heavy about… you gotta really want it. Really want it right now. Not someday. The passion behind the desire will fuel your commitment to the rules of the game and will increase your power of attraction.

The rules of your game must be designed with winning as your only option. The rules create structure, focus, and accountability. They also need to be designed to reinforce new ways of relating to money and having fun.

Examples of empowering rules:
  • Keep a log of all progress (every dollar you attract or each dollar your debt goes down)
  • Focus only on the end goal and don’t worry about the “how”
  • Act as if you have already achieved the goal
  • Pay off a specific amount of debt over the amount you paid last month
  • Commit to saving a specific amount of money each day, week, or month
  • Do a daily visualization each day on your end outcome
  • Do a daily rampage of appreciation about money
  • Daily inquiry: How can I align with attracting $1000 today?
  • Mastermind with a partner/s
  • Mentally (virtually) spend money in your head on things you desire
  • Give daily attention to specific projects or tasks that will impact your desired outcome
  • Take one daily-inspired action toward your end-outcome

There are no rules about creating your rules except that they get you excited. If you’re naturally resistant to rules, call them guidelines or something more creative.

Go outside the box with your end-outcomes and rules. Their job is to assist you in shifting your beliefs and actions regarding money. And most importantly, it must be FUN. Let the game begin!

When does it end? When you and money are having the time of your life!
So what are your top 3 FUN Outcomes you desire?


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