Right now, you have the freedom to choose. You always have a choice… about everything. Even when it feels like you don’t.

You’ve chosen your…

Career or absence of one
Mate or absence of one
Friends or absence of them
Home & location of it
Vacations or absence of them
Joy or sorrow
Goals or lack of them
How you manifest goals
Reading material or lack of it
Music or lack of it
Financial status

And millions of other choices.

If you think for a moment that any of these things happened to you by chance, good or bad luck, or to teach you some sort of lesson from above, you’ve denied yourself the greatest power.

We all have the power to choose. We can literally change our course at any moment.

It costs you nothing to change your mind and your thoughts… and it’s where all reality begins to change.

Life bends toward and for you with your thoughts.

The circumstances can make it seem like we’re boxed in with no easy route out. This perception is so convincing… yet so very far from the truth.

Where there is a request for a solution, you will always receive an answer that leads to relief and epic endings.

But what can you do if you don’t see a solution?

Ask yourself, “Am I open to receiving the answer? Can I trust that my answer will come soon, even if I don’t see how at this moment?”

When you feel your freedom slipping away, you may head your feet down the path of resistance, and out of frustration, you may choose the path of hopelessness. It’s very hard to see anything but more doom and gloom when you’ve chosen to walk down that path of thought.

Sometimes the easiest and most powerful way to get on the road to your epic ending is to surrender.

Surrender?! Yeah.

Not give in, but give up the fight and frustration.

Accept the reality of this moment so you can diffuse the resistance and intense emotions.

It doesn’t mean you have to like the reality of the moment. Just accept it. It is what it is.

Then breathe.

When you feel calm, ask for what you need.

Ask yourself….

What do I need from myself?

What do I choose to let go of to make this a lot easier?

What do I want from Universe/God?

Is there someone who can help me?

If you don’t know what to do next, don’t do anything. Your answer will come. Then you will have a choice to listen or not listen.

You always have a choice.

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