I catch myself all the time hoping things will turn out the way I want.

The energy of hoping feels like, “I want this thing to happen, but I’m so scared it won’t.”

Hoping kicks off an alarm system in my body.

I’m usually very attached to an outcome. I think that if the outcome doesn’t happen, I won’t be okay. I’ll be deprived in some way.

Then I want to control my outcome. Which is just another side of fear.

“LET GO & GET REAL CONTROL!” my powerful self yells. So, I do. I decide that I’ll get everything I desire… and in the meantime I need to chill the heck out.

It works like magic.

You may not think you’re a person that hopes or wishes on a star because it’s so easy to miss.

Here are some examples of hoping:

I hope the new person we just hired works out.
I hope it doesn’t rain for the event this weekend.
I hope we can still get tickets to the concert.
I hope we can find a parking spot close to the entrance.
I hope I make enough money this month.
I hope I can get a new client.
I hope we get the asking price for our house.
I hope Frank isn’t late.
I hope Sandy likes me.
I hope I don’t bomb at my performance tonight.

These statements show that you haven’t decided, nor do you believe, that you’ll get exactly what you want.

Here are a few things you can do when you catch yourself hoping.

1) State the outcome (and mean it) as you want it to be. For instance, “We will get great seats for the concert.” Make a decision about how you want it to be.

2) Take an inspired action to amp up your belief that you’ll attract your desired outcome. For instance, if you believe your friend is going to be late to an event and it’s stressing you out, remind them where they’re supposed to be and at what time.

3) Chill out. Nothing good can happen out of stress or worry. If you can’t truly believe that your desired outcome is a done deal, then shift your thoughts to an entirely different area of your life. Focus on something that feels good. Go for a walk or pick up the phone and dial up someone who uplifts you.

This may seem sooooooo basic, but you wouldn’t believe how many clients I hear “hoping” right in front of me… even when we’ve just spent twenty minutes talking about them making powerful decisions.

We’re so used to believing that life can’t work in our favor 100% of the time.

You can impact your outcomes by being very clear that you always get what you want.

Take inspired actions to seal the deal. I said inspired actions.

Don’t take action from a place of paranoia, stress, or force.

You don’t want to call your husband four times a day to remind him to pick up the kids.

Practice knowing versus hoping and you’ll see that well-being and abundance follow you.

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This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Thank you Jeanna.