As a business owner, you may experience some or all of these thoughts throughout the week…

  • It’s a lot of work.
  • If I grow too big, it’ll be overwhelming and life will get out of control.
  • I don’t know how.
  • Having a team is a hassle.
  • The way it is now is good enough.
  • The returns won’t be worth the effort I put out.

You don’t have to sacrifice time, money, effort, or fun to have a rocking business. You’ve got to make a plan that serves ALL of your needs. Not just the need/desire for money.

You may think something is hard because you don’t know enough about it to make it easy. No matter how you’ve seen something done, there’s always an easy way.

When I first started using bookkeeping software, I was completely confused. I kept thinking that it’d be much simpler to go back to my paper method. I then hired a bookkeeper to tutor me. Now it’s a piece of cake and I’d be lost without it!

In the book CASHFLOW Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki says that a business owner creates income from other people and systems. I agree. I’ve coached many business owners who have the mindset of a self-employed person.

When you have a self-employed mentality, you generally try to do everything yourself and end up working harder than you would as an employee. This isn’t wrong; it’s just slower and harder.

Begin making the shift into generating more money in less time by using more of the available resources in your life. Look around. You have a ton of people around you who are gifted and are waiting to share their expertise. They can help you with things that you don’t have time for or don’t like doing.

How many things do you do that, if given a magic wand, you’d have taken care of by someone else? So whatcha waiting for? Start delegating smartly and you’ll have more time, money, and joy.

If it costs you money to have the “right” person handle a task, do it. If they’re free, like a family member, use them. Do you have a friend who is brilliant in some area that you aren’t? Go pick their brain.

The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Receive support by asking for it.

You can maximize results in any area of your life with this method. Don’t know how to do a certain trade option in the stock market? Find out who does. If that’s a dead end, there’s either a book or class that’ll teach you.

Make up a resource list of people who you can call when you need help.

I have one for both my business and investing. I also have people I call when I need to be pumped up or inspired. They remind me that I can create ANYTHING.

Who’d be on your list?
What purpose would each of them serve? Boards of directors were created for this purpose. Who’s on your board?

I always ask myself, “What would a true business owner do right now? What would Elon Musk, Oprah, or Bill Gates do? If I wasn’t coming from ‘lack,’ what would I do?”

The key is to create systems, a team, and a plan that make your business grow in excellence and profits. Going at it alone will make it feel like work versus an inspiring vision you’re bringing to life.

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