You’re a genius at many things.

You may not even be aware of some of your most important talents or how they can make a difference in your business.

I’ve always thought it was strange how people got so much value from my coaching when it felt so easy for me. All I do is listen, ask questions, say whatever I’m guided to say, and slip in some business strategy.

Clients walk away with ahas, ideas, and extreme clarity, then go out and make more money.

I get paid well to do something in my genius zone!

Shouldn’t it be harder? It doesn’t feel like work at all to me.

I even coached one of my longtime clients while having intense labor contractions.

Coaching gave me relief when I was still in shock about my brother’s sudden death.

Back in coaches’ training, I was taught, “If it feels like you’re trying too hard, you’re not doing good coaching.”

Your genius is what feels natural and fun.

Maybe it’s about letting out the elements of your personality that you save for after hours. I used to bury my “quirky/silly” aspects when I taught classes. They seemed unprofessional to whip out when teaching to an audience who expected me to help them with increasing their cash flow.

I was wrong.

Once I flew my freak flag and got my fun on, I had record sales. And it felt like a relief. I got to be more of me. I got to play to my strengths.

When you play to your strengths, you have more access to your own divine guidance (aka, your Inner Business Expert).

And that means genius leadership, ideas, and strategies that you can access whenever you please.

Here are some questions that’ll help you access more of your genius:

  • What am I hiding?
  • What is so simple for me to do that it seems impossible to get paid for it?
  • How can I combine what I love in my personal life with what I do in my business?
  • How can I allow myself to fully relax so that my genius just shows up without having to try?
  • What do my family and friends love about me?

Tapping into your genius will allow you to have more fun, reach more people, and make more money. Don’t delve too deeply into your mind to access your genius.

It’s who you are naturally. Leverage those skills and behaviors. They’re a gold mine.

Original Publish Date: September 3, 2013
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