Men aren’t the only ones who like fixing the problem by diving straight into the solution.

When it comes to business, sooner or later we all fall into the trap of searching for the formula that will fix our latest crisis fast.

On the other hand, sometimes there are so many solutions swirling around in your head that it can be hard to nail one down.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to know what magic pill will actually bring the magic to our business.

Here’s what usually happens:

  1. You get a juicy idea you think may be the solution to an ongoing pain-in-the-bum problem.
  2. You think of all the possible ways to get that strategy to work.
  3. You stumble on one or more decisions and get stuck.
  4. You work your brain harder to figure it out.
  5. You get frustrated that the solution you worked so hard to figure out didn’t solve your problem.
  6. You complain about the issue and begin to make assumptions about how things work based on this unsuccessful solution.
  7. The cycle begins again.

Here’s a better process:

  1. You get a juicy idea you think may be the solution to an ongoing pain-in-the-bum problem.
  2. Get very specific about what this strategy will provide. How will this make your business grow, be easier, or be more synced with your soul?
  3. If you have any resistance (fear, frustration, low self-confidence, attachment) to this strategy working, find a way to calm your energy before moving on.
  4. Feel into any limiting beliefs about what’s possible regarding this problem or idea working out in an ideal way. Challenge your thinking by deciding that you’ll ONLY settle for the ideal outcome.
  5. Ask for help. Who can make this easy or show you how to best implement this strategy?
  6. Take your time. I don’t care how big the fire is, if you aimlessly throw water on it, you’ll be wasting your energy. Let go of any pressure to fix it fast. Move forward with a level head and trust in your heart. Don’t compromise your desired outcome by rushing because of fear-based motives.
  7. Chunk down the action items into bite-sized pieces.
  8. Trust your inner guidance and don’t second-guess.

Remember, mindset trumps any strategy.

If you put all of your focus on the perfect strategy without being fully in your power, you’ll have ongoing setbacks.

When you’re clear that you’re the boss of your business, you’ll always pluck the ideal solution out of the thousands available to you.

Trust your choice or don’t do it.

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