Stop telling negative stories & gossip

By Jeanna Gabellini

When you catch yourself repeating negative stories, ask yourself the following questions:

What I am wanting from telling this story?
What will be the impact on the person I am talking to?
What will be the impact on the person or circumstance I’m talking about?
How does it feel to be telling this story?
If I could get any result I wanted out of this situation or conflict what would it be?
What are two or more positive actions I can take to turn this situation around?
Is this how I want to spend my time with the person I am talking to?

These questions will support you in stepping fully into your power. 

I am a big advocate of telling a story for the sake of creating a solution or to shift your energy by getting a different perspective.  If you simply need to vent, let the person you are talking to know that you are venting.  Five to ten minutes is usually enough time to get out a good emotional dump.  Anymore time and you are just getting into rehashing all the little details. 

Remember: Law of Attraction gives you more of what you focus on.  Focus most of your time on the good stuff!

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