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Is business down? Did your last launch bomb?

COVID and politics throwing off your game?

Are you fighting with a family member?

Are you wondering how you’re going to keep your house?

Does your body keep going through one health issue after another?

Well? What if you just said, “So WHAT?!” to the whole darn thing?

I mean, there comes a point when you can’t keep stressing over what has been or what is. Stressing over the future is a total and complete waste of time. When you worry about a future that isn’t even here, you’re just making stuff up.

You’re future focused with fear. <- Eek!

So what?! You’ve got a problem. I get that some of them are mammoth. Me too! I’ve got several that interrupt my level of sanity and peace, and I want to scream and cry my bloody head off.

Sometimes the problem seems like a complete and total tragedy. But, if you keep making what has happened a big hairy deal, then you’re doomed to continue to experience more cruddy stuff.

“So, what?!” has become one of my favorite sayings when my judgment about myself starts dragging me through the mud. I help clients incorporate this saying into their life so they can give themselves permission to be free from the past.

Now, you might think I’m not being compassionate with this attitude. But I am so committed to you and me not suffering that it’s quite the opposite.

Painful circumstances can drown you in stress and ruin your finances, relationships, and health. I’m not willing to allow the past to hold you down.

The negative stuff that happens to you doesn’t need to be fed day in and day out. You’re just regenerating the problem over and over and over. So not cool! Let it go.

Yes, I know sometimes you might really mess up your life. But must you keep punishing yourself for something that happened yesterday, last year, or when you were a teenager? You are NOT a failure, bum, bad parent, or bad mate.

You’re just living. You’re finding your groove. You’re doing your best to lighten up. You’re probably doing a much better job in your life than you give yourself credit for.

If you stopped paying attention to what isn’t working, you’d notice that you have a bucket full of evidence that says you are a totally fab person and are getting things done in your biz.

Did you reach all your goals this quarter? This year?

If you didn’t… so what?! Do something different today. You have an opportunity to be present right now and create rock star results. Consider today a clean canvas upon which you get to create a beautiful life.

So what, now what?!

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