We all know someone who consistently does the “Yeah, but…” thing. They complain about something in their life, and when solutions are offered, they tell you why each one won’t work. It’s maddening to listen to them and yet you want to show them what’s possible.

Of course, it’s easy to see when someone else is committed to being stuck in the “Yeah, but’s…” But what about when it’s YOU?! (Ugh.)

It’s very easy to miss the signs that you, too, are more committed to your suffering than moving forward to win. In fact, it’s easy to get comfortable with emotional pain and it becomes normal.

“Just the way it is.”

You accept that you don’t have enough money. You think, act, make decisions, and talk like a person who is broke.

It’s easy to fall into this trap in any area of your life. The doctor tells you that you officially have a “condition” and you say, “Ugh. I’m stuck with this.”

Your business hits a plateau or never takes off so you decide these are the cards you were dealt in life.

You may put off vacations, leaving a mate, leaving a job, exercising, learning something new, moving, or a host of other things because you’re committed to all the reasons it is not possible for you to have what you want.

You’re not alone. I catch myself doing it too! I’ll think about a home improvement project and come up with reasons why it can’t be done now.

Guess what? As long as you and I keep telling ourselves why it’s not possible, ain’t NOTHING gonna be different!

I remember watching this phenomenon happen to me with some business debt I had acquired with my partner, Eva Gregory. We funded our live radio show out of San Francisco (before internet radio was big), and we ended with more debt than we could handle within a few months.

So, we got used to the debt sitting there, barely going down.

Shortly after that, I’d paid off ALL debt in my personal life within nine months.

What was different about my personal debt?

I’d finally decided that it was time for it to go bye-bye.

So I tried it with the business debt. Three months later it was gone. It only took three months after sitting there for YEARS!

We had paid a ton of money in interest rates during those years simply because we were bogged down in thinking we were stuck with the debt and hadn’t decided it could be different.

If you stop with the “very real” excuses and get your focus off of “what is,” you’ll immediately feel something different stirring inside you.

A feeling of possibility will replace the worry. And that’s the first step to having a different outcome.

Things can shift fast when you’re focused on your future in anticipation of something good happening.

I’ve witnessed this time after time with clients who have no movement in their business and finances, and then a month later everything changes drastically for the better.

They stopped feeling sorry for themselves and took charge.

They bit the bullet and invested in themselves. They stopped accepting the discomfort in their life.

Get up, move forward, and invest in a solution. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

Use your inner guidance and the support of others to find a new reality in which you win.

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