Retreat From Your Mind

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There is a voice in the center of your being calling to you. It wants you to stop that pushing forward fast feeling that sometimes overtakes you.  There’s something more.  There is a desire to step out of the hurricane of thoughts and action items that don’t allow you to truly be in the aliveness of the moment.

Being present, intuition, creativity, heart based business, freedom and joy are all buzz words being passed around like they are the easiest things in the world to experience at any given moment. You might not be finding it an easy venture.

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to EXPLODE this rule: Gotta do a whole lotta something to make it work?!

Join me and my brilliant colleague Wendy Yellen, Eidetic Life Coach, as we give you a 100% unique experience to take your life into a state of calm … or thrill bumps … whatever suits your mood at any moment.  The key is… it puts YOU back in the driver’s seat with no guilt and lots of ecstasy.

Take time out from YOUR mind, at this NO COST Teleclass right away. Your soul will thank you!  Register here:

Very few people have experienced the state of living that we are going to share with you.  When they do, they are blown away.  It’s so different and it forces you to leave your mental monkey mind in the dust. 

The seats are going to fill fast on this one so reserve yours here, on the house:

Intellectually, many people know that you can do what you love and the money should follow.  Unleashing your true talents and brilliance and sticking to them, living from them, swimming in the depth of them …. can feel like a fantasy.

We dare you to make it real!

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